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Use this page as your portal to all the resources you’ll need while you are a student here at South Hills. The submenu has links to everything from your student email to the Virtual Library to schedules of adjusted class times for Common Hour and 2-hour delays — everything you need is just a click away!


MyIT Technical Support @ South Hills

Students are encouraged to check out the MyIT Technical Support Knowledge Base. There you’ll find access to a number of how-to documents for using the technology available at the school. If you’re unable to resolve your issue on your own, don’t worry – we can help! Students at all locations can simply send an email with
— your first & last name
— a detailed description of your problem
— the South Hills location you’re attending
— State College & Altoona students should specify which building
to to contact the IT Department directly to request additional assistance.

Class Period Time Changes

To accommodate the new 4-day week, class period times have changed.

Period Time
1 8:00 — 9:00
2 9:10 — 10:10
3 10:20 — 11:20
4 11:30 — 12:30
5 12:40 — 1:40
6 1:50 — 2:50
7 3:00 — 4:00
8 4:10 — 5:10

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