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Use this page as your portal to all the resources you’ll need while you are a student here at South Hills. The submenu has links to everything from your student email to the Virtual Library to schedules of adjusted class times for Common Hour and 2-hour delays — everything you need is just a click away!


Accessing eBrary From Home

  Accessing eBrary from home is now easier than ever! Simply click here to log in to CourseWeb and click the eBrary icon in the lower left corner.

MyIT Technical Support @ South Hills

Students are encouraged to check out the MyIT Technical Support Knowledge Base. There you’ll find access to a number of how-to documents for using the technology available at the school. If you’re unable to resolve your issue on your own, don’t worry – we can help! Students at all locations can simply send an email with
— your first & last name
— a detailed description of your problem
— the South Hills location you’re attending
— State College & Altoona students should specify which building
to to contact the IT Department directly to request additional assistance.

Class Period Time Changes

To accommodate the new 4-day week, class period times have changed.

Period Time
1 8:00 — 9:00
2 9:10 — 10:10
3 10:20 — 11:20
4 11:30 — 12:30
5 12:40 — 1:40
6 1:50 — 2:50
7 3:00 — 4:00
8 4:10 — 5:10

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