Health Information Technology students touring Geisinger Gray's Woods
South Hills Health Information Technology Students Tour Geisinger Gray’s Woods
November 21, 2018
Dr. Robert Atnip speaking to Diagnostic Medical Sonography students
Professor of Surgery from Penn State Hershey Speaks to South Hills Students
December 10, 2018
  1. Find a Good Location
    Go to a quiet area with good cellphone reception, and use a land-line whenever possible.
  2. Do Your Research
    Get familiar with the company and their website. If you're a South Hills grad, ask our Career Services Team about the company.
  3. Know Your Interviewer
    A good place to start is to check LinkedIn to see if they have a professional profile posted.
  4. Prepare Notes and Keep Them Handy
    Treat the phone interview as you would a face to face interview. Go over a list of typical interview questions.
  5. Practice Your Answers
    Be prepared to answer questions like, “Tell me about yourself.”
  6. Dress the Part
    Dress as if you were going to an interview. This helps you feel prepared and encourages you to speak more professionally.
  7. Keep These Documents Handy
    Have your resume, cover letter, and the job description in front of you. Don’t forget a notepad and pen.
  8. Speak Slowly and Clearly
    Answer the phone professionally, identify yourself, address your interviewer, and smile!
  9. The End Is Near
    Be sure to ask a few questions about the job before the interview concludes.
  10. Follow-up with Thanks
    Send a short thank you note or email to your interviewer. Check that you have the correct spelling of the name(s) of your interviewer(s).

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