South Hills SHINE Newsletter Issue #14
SHINE Issue #14 - November 2018
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In this issue:
  • South Hills Students Get a Glimpse Into the World of Retailing
  • Information Technology Students Attend HackPSU
  • Health Careers Club Donates to One Dog at a Time
  • Local Media Experts Share Their Knowledge with South Hills Students
  • South Hills Alumna Receives 5 Year Chamber Award
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • CentreREADY Workforce Initiative
  • Career Exploration Day
  • Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month
  • Grand Canyon University Partners with South Hills
  • Engineering Technology Students Visit Local Construction Site
  • BooFest 2018
  • "Welcoming Myself" (Art Installation at Main Campus)
  • Upcoming Events: Winter Reflections Craft Show, Discover Drones
Deb Love & Chelsea Lawler -
Love It Upcycle Boutique
John Melcose - Wegmans
Second year Business Administration - Management & Marketing students are required to take Retailing class which highlights the many aspects of working in a retail setting. Important duties such as inventory control, pricing/buying, store operations and management are all implemented in this course.
Lindsay Williamson - The Animal Kingdom
Barb Kasales - Trader Joes
As part of an ongoing speaker presentation series, our students have had the opportunity to hear from professionals who are able to give them insight into the world of retailing. These presentations have been from professionals from larger businesses such as Wegmans & Trader Joe’s to small, local businesses like The Animal Kingdom , Cafe Lemont and Love It Upcycle Boutique .
Jodi Hakes and Michael Beck - Cafe Lemont
Michael Beck of Cafe Lemont showing students
where they roast their coffee
Information Technology (IT) students and faculty members from our Altoona and Lewistown Campuses participated in a creative 24-hour learning experience at a “ Hack PSU” event hosted by Penn State University.

South Hills’ IT students joined the collaborative venture with 700 other students from across the nation to compete as teams in technical and design skills challenges.  
IT students attend HackPSU
Health Careers Club Members
Jackson, one of the dogs
currently in the training program
Health Careers Club members recently conducted a fundraiser to help support One Dog at a Time (ODAAT). Club Advisor and faculty member, Kay Strigle along with club representatives, presented ODAAT's Diana Woodring Simpson (and her bright-eyed companion, Jackson),
with a donation for the organization.

One Dog at a Time is a humane rescue group based in Lewistown that is dedicated to helping dogs and other animals in need. They take in rescue dogs and are working with a special group of SCI Rockview inmates to train and socialize the dogs before they are placed in permanent homes. When the dogs graduate from the program, they are given to veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Local Media Experts Share Their Knowledge with South Hills Students
Our Advertising & Public Relations class, taken by second-year Business Administration–Management & Marketing students, were visited by two local media experts.

T.J. Coursen, Local Sales Manager for  ABC 23 WATM TV  &  Fox 8 WWCP TV spoke to the students about television advertising, and Wendy Lynch, Multi-media Specialist from  Seven Mountains Creative , discussed Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

T.J. Coursen, Local Sales Manager for ABC 23 WATM TV & Fox 8 WWCP TV
Wendy Lynch, Multi-media Specialist from
Seven Mountains Media
South Hills Alumna Receives 5 Year Chamber
Service Award
MacKenzie Locke, AP Graduate, receives her 5 Year Chamber Service Award
Congratulations to MacKenzie Locke, who graduated from the Administrative Professional program at our Altoona Campus in 2013, for receiving her 5-year Chamber Service Award. She is the Program Director for the  Huntingdon County Chamber of Commerce . She received her award at the 2018 Pennsylvania Association of Chamber Professionals (PACP) Chamber Professionals & Leadership Conference.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Earlier this month, all currently enrolled students at our Altoona Campus attended a seminar on the subject presented by Cindy Estep, Community Educator from  Family Services Incorporated .
Cindy Estep from Family Services Inc
CentreREADY Workforce Initiative
Jennifer Myers from the CBICC (Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County) and Jeff Stachowski,
South Hills' Director of Outreach 
South Hills School of Business & Technology has partnered with the CBICC (Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County) in the CentreREADY workforce initiative. CentreREADY is a collaborative worker certification intended to shape a stronger workforce in Centre County.

The Business and Industry Partnership Committee are frequently in contact with local businesses, and they listen to their feedback regarding challenges and concerns found in the work place. The idea for this initiative came about when employers were expressing that many employees lack the proper soft skills needed in their daily jobs.
The following six core skills, identified by Centre County employers, they would like to see improvements in are:
  • Work Ethic
  • Tactfulness/Manners
  • Team Work
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Understanding Supervision/World of Work

Jennifer Myers of the CBICC, visited South Hills to present the CentreREADY initiative to faculty and staff, and to discuss how South Hills will assess the proficiency in the core skills for students who are interested in obtaining the certification.
Career Exploration Day
We welcomed a large turnout at all three of our campuses for Career Exploration Day
We welcomed a large turnout at all three of our campuses for Career Exploration Day which was held on
November 1.

Visitors had the opportunity to tour our campuses, check out some of our classes, and meet some of our amazing alumni!
Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month
Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month is held annually in October to create awareness of the role of diagnostic medical sonographers play in the healthcare field.

The  DMS Program  presents a series of guest speakers to provide our first, second, and third year students insights into the career of Medical Sonography.

Dr. Robert Atnip, Professor of Surgery and Director of Noninvasive Vascular Lab at Penn State Hershey, spoke to the students about the development of diagnostic ultrasound imaging, and presented several cases in which vascular ultrasound played an important role.

South Hills Alumna, Megan Houts, RDMS, RVT, gave the students an overview of the cases she sees, as a staff Sonographer.
Dr. Robert Atnip, Professor of Surgery and Director of Noninvasive Vascular Lab at Penn State Hershey
South Hills DMS Alumna, Megan Houts, speaks
 to DMS students about her experiences
working as a staff Sonographer
Tracy Spade, South Hills Alumna and University Development Councelor at GCU
Tracy Spade , South Hills Alumna and University Development Counselor at Grand Canyon University (GCU), recently visited our State College campus to give our students more information about GCU and their partnership with South Hills.

Tracy travels throughout the region and works with prospective students to help them determine if GCU can help them earn a bachelors, masters, or PhD.

Grand Canyon University is a private, Christian University located in Phoenix, AZ with more than 60,000 online students and 15,500 at the “brick and mortar” campus in Phoenix. GCU was founded in 1949 and offers more than 190 programs and 150 online academic degrees in Business, Education, Fine Arts & Production, Humanities & Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, Nursing & Health, as well as Christian Studies.

Grand Canyon University has partnered with us, allowing our students to be eligible for a 10% off scholarship tuition. South Hills students are able to start the application process at any time, even before they graduate.
Engineering Technology Students Visit Local Construction Site
Second year Engineering Technology (ET) Students from the Architectural CAD I course took a field trip to a local construction site that will house various indoor athletic sports, including gymnastics, basketball & field sports, along with physical therapy space and office spaces.

The students were exposed to metal building framing and received instruction on the various members of the building components. They were able to review the building construction plans, and see what information is required to be provided on the plans in order to obtain a building permit.

They were able to observe contractors of various trades, including, Site work, HVAC ductwork installation, electrical wiring, plumbing systems, sprinkler systems, and metal stud framing. The students were able to see aspects of the building construction that they have been learning in class and what they've been studying in a live application.

L to R: Ashley Crouse, Fred Colyer, Melanie Boggs
& Daniel Vandrew II
The students inspected the aluminum window
frames and saw how they were formed
BooFest 2018
Student Services Coordinator, Brandy Kovach & her pup, President, S. Paul Mazza III (as Johnny Cash),
and Career Services Coordinator, Ellen Spinelli
Students from the Lewistown Campus
Students from our State College , Altoona and Lewistown campuses celebrated Halloween with a variety of BooFest Activities!
"Welcoming Myself"
"Welcoming Myself" (Art Installation at Main Campus)
As you drive past our Main Campus building on Waupelani Drive in State College, you are greeted by an installation of large steel figures that lead straight to the building. The sculpture "Welcoming Myself" was given to South Hills on May 10, 1989, by the RNR Construction Company, Inc . of State College. The artist, Lisa M. Fedon of  Lisa Fedon Sculpture Studio , was commissioned to create a major work of art representing the philosophy of the emergence of self through education. The three-quarter inch steel figures of negative space are decreasing in size until they reach the school building, where a nine-foot shadow emerges ready to take on the future.
Upcoming Events
W inter Reflections Craft Show
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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