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March 6, 2018
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March 15, 2018

Active Living Project: Meet the Team

This photo shows the individuals involved in the Active Living project team

Let's Move Blair County! "Active Living Project" Progress

Meet the Let’s Move Blair County! "Active Living Project" Team

Creating an Information Technology (IT) team with the right mix of skills is important to the success of any technology project. At South Hills, students from all programs are given opportunities to work in small project teams and groups. This type of experience mirrors the work environment they’ll find once they graduate and become employed. Students learn to work together to organize, plan, and execute projects and develop valuable project management and leadership skills.

The "Active Living Project" Team Leaders

The Healthy Blair County Coalition's Let’s Move Blair County! initiative Committee Members, the customers of the "Active Living Project", contacted the South Hills Altoona Campus to request help creating new online promotional materials. Committee Members, Tina Enderlein (Blair County Planning Commission), John Myers (Shoe Fly Altoona), and Jennifer Soisson (Brush Mountain Running and Outdoors Inc.), provided initial concepts and gives feedback and guidance to the team as the project progresses.

Project Manager and Information Technology (IT) instructor, Guido Santella, acts as the liaison between the Committee Members and the South Hills IT students. He is responsible for ensuring the project stays on schedule, overseeing all design and development phases, and for mentoring the students as they gain new skills.

The Altoona Campus Information Technology Students

When South Hills students are working on teams, they learn to share their varied skills in complementary roles and in cooperation with each other. Click on the images to enlarge and learn what individual roles and tasks were assigned to each student Active Living Project team member.



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Kari Lynn Schlegel

March 4, 1992—December 15, 2016

Kari Schlegel was born in March 1992 and graduated from South Hills in September 2012.

The Kari Lynn Schlegel Memorial Gallery is named in memory of Kari Schlegel, a lifelong Bellefonte resident and 2012 graduate of the Graphic Arts program at South Hills.

Kari was often the exclamation point in any story about the Class of 2012. Her effervescent good mood, enthusiasm, and seemingly endless supply of optimism and positive spirit was infusive, lighting up the classroom.

Kari (right) is shown with her beloved sister, Mindy.

Her classmates still laugh at the memory of Kari wearing her bunny slippers on the Graphic Arts field trip to New York City. Groan-worthy puns and jokes? Kari had a volume of them. She delighted in sharing stories and photos of her four beloved cats as well as trivia and tales of Harry Potter and Disney World. She was a rare combination of innocence, maturity, trust, and hope. She was filled with a joy of life and an unconditional love for her friends, her family, her pets… and people she just met. That was Kari Schlegel.

Kari dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow for the South Hills “BooFest” Halloween party in 2012.

She loved her school, even coming back to audit several GA classes after graduating. Kari also particularly enjoyed returning to South Hills every summer to perform as part of the Music Picnic Series with the Bellefonte Community Band.

Kari died December 15, 2016, in a tragic automobile accident. It’s a loss everyone who knew her still feels. In the end, Kari truly lived her life with passion and joy, treating others as she wanted to be treated: with love, compassion, and respect.