This photo shows the individuals involved in the Active Living project team
Active Living Project: Meet the Team
March 13, 2018
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South Hills Announces the 2018 Recipient of the Kari Schlegel Memorial Scholarship Award
March 22, 2018

Active Living Project: Update #3

The proposed new "Active Living" brochure design created by the Altoona Campus IT students

Let's Move Blair County! "Active Living Project" Progress

Update #3: Brochure Design

The Altoona Campus Information Technology (IT) "Active Living" Project Team entered a new phase of the project which involved developing an 8-page, full-color, “Active Living” brochure that can be professionally printed and made available in a downloadable format for the Healthy Blair County Coalition’s website.

This step proved to be challenging for the students, as most of them had little to no previous experience in graphic design. The team didn’t let that stop them—after all, IT students are known for being problem-solvers! They determined what skills and software they’d need to use to do the job and went to work. After hours of experimentation (and lots of trial and error along the way), the team is getting closer to producing a final brochure for the project.

Brochure Designs (Before and After)

Click (touch), hold, and drag the slider left and right on the image below to see the original brochure and compare it to the proposed new design created by the Altoona Campus IT students.

Active Living BrochureActive Living Brochure

Resources Used:


  • Information Technology students had limited graphic design experience, so they had to learn how to use software, develop layout and design skills, as well as learn to organize information in a visually-pleasing way.
  • They also had to learn how to organize a large amount of content in a way that looks good on a page with fitting all content, having even spacing, and including some visual interest.

Next Steps:

Once the team finishes the brochure, they will present it to the "Active Living" Project Committee and await feedback. The students will make any requested changes and submit a revised version for another round of reviews. Once they receive final approval, they’ll prepare the design files and package them according to the specifications provided by a local printer. Once printed, the final piece will be distributed throughout Blair County.

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