Bright Outlook Occupation: Medical Records & Health Information Technicians – South Hills School of Business & Technology
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Bright Outlook Occupation: Medical Records & Health Information Technicians

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What are Bright Outlook Occupations?

South Hills Prepares Students for Careers with a BRIGHT OUTLOOK!

Want to know where the job opportunities are likely to be in the next several years? The U.S. Department of Labor and the National Center for O*NET Development published a list of “Bright Outlook Occupations*,” so you can see what’s hot in the labor market. South Hills’ priorities include preparing students for those “in demand” employment and career opportunities AND helping employers find trained and qualified candidates (i.e. OUR GRADS!).

*Bright Outlook Occupations are jobs that:

  • Are expected to grow rapidly in the next several years and/or
  • Are predicted to have a large number of job openings and/or
  • Include new and emerging occupations in high-growth industries

Bright Outlook Occupation: Medical Records & Health Information Technicians

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians are an integral part of the healthcare system and compile, process, and maintain patient records in hospitals, private healthcare facilities, government agencies, etc.

  • Projected national growth (2014 – 2024): Much faster than average (14% or higher).
  • Career Pathways: This occupation offers opportunities for advancement! You can start out as a medical coder or health information technician and with experience and/or certification move up into positions like Medical Records Director, Coding Manager, Health Information Management or Registered Health Information Technician.

Learn more about the South Hills Health Information Technology (HIT) program.

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