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June 3, 2019
Spotlight Jeff Foflygen - Jeff and his daughter

Faculty/Staff Spotlight: Jeff Foflygen

Jeff Foflygen is an Information Technology Instructor and Advisor who's a master craftsman on the side. Find out what he makes in the fourth installment of the new series that SHINEs a spotlight on South Hills School of Business & Technology's staff and faculty.
May 31, 2019
South Hills students meet service dogs from Service Paws of Central PA.

South Hills Hosts Guest Speaker From Service Paws of Central PA

Medical Assistant students at South Hills School of Business & Technology's Altoona Campus welcomed Joseph Fagnani, Chairperson of Service Paws of Central PA, a non-profit organization that helps qualified individuals obtain and/or provide veterinary care for service animals.
May 30, 2019
"When Life Gives You Lemons" by Becka Turner

South Hills Graphic Arts Students Complete Creative Packaging Design Projects

Prior to starting their internships, the second-year Graphic Arts students from South Hills School of Business & Technology must complete a capstone creative packaging design project. This capstone project requires them to apply the graphic design skills they’ve developed throughout the entirety of their studies at South Hills to create branding for a brewery and craft beer packaging which they then must present to a group.
May 29, 2019
L to R: South Hills Instructor Harry Geedey and Advertising & Marketing Supervisor of Corvette America Susie Canon with South Hills students Noah Brackbill, Frank Jost, Emily Slater, Shania Teenie, Jordan Bennett, Brooke Hosler, Lexi Wagner, Madalyn Cisney, Paula Hoffman, Mackenzie Wagner, Danika Hassett, and Haley Kipp

South Hills Students Tour Corvette America

Business Administration–Management & Marketing students from South Hills School of Business & Technology's Lewistown Campus recently took an academic field trip to tour the Corvette America facilities in Reedsville, PA.
May 28, 2019
DMS student and Anne Jones Scholarship award winner Hayley Barton

South Hills DMS Student Receives Anne Jones Scholarship Award

South Hills School of Business & Technology is proud to announce that Hayley Barton, a student of its Diagnostic Medical Sonography specialized associate degree program, has been awarded the Anne Jones Scholarship by the Society for Vascular Ultrasound.
May 23, 2019
Associate Director of the Office of Donor Relations and Special Events at Penn State University, Amy Pollock, shows South Hills second-year Administrative Professional students the view from the President’s Box at Beaver Stadium.

South Hills Students Visit Beaver Stadium To Learn About Event Planning

Second-year Administrative Professional students from South Hills School of Business & Technology's Main Campus in State College took an academic field trip to visit Beaver Stadium where they met Amy Pollock, Associate Director of the Office of Donor Relations and Special Events at Penn State University.

Kari Lynn Schlegel

March 4, 1992—December 15, 2016

Kari Schlegel was born in March 1992 and graduated from South Hills in September 2012.

The Kari Lynn Schlegel Memorial Gallery is named in memory of Kari Schlegel, a lifelong Bellefonte resident and 2012 graduate of the Graphic Arts program at South Hills.

Kari was often the exclamation point in any story about the Class of 2012. Her effervescent good mood, enthusiasm, and seemingly endless supply of optimism and positive spirit was infusive, lighting up the classroom.

Kari (right) is shown with her beloved sister, Mindy.

Her classmates still laugh at the memory of Kari wearing her bunny slippers on the Graphic Arts field trip to New York City. Groan-worthy puns and jokes? Kari had a volume of them. She delighted in sharing stories and photos of her four beloved cats as well as trivia and tales of Harry Potter and Disney World. She was a rare combination of innocence, maturity, trust, and hope. She was filled with a joy of life and an unconditional love for her friends, her family, her pets… and people she just met. That was Kari Schlegel.

Kari dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow for the South Hills “BooFest” Halloween party in 2012.

She loved her school, even coming back to audit several GA classes after graduating. Kari also particularly enjoyed returning to South Hills every summer to perform as part of the Music Picnic Series with the Bellefonte Community Band.

Kari died December 15, 2016, in a tragic automobile accident. It’s a loss everyone who knew her still feels. In the end, Kari truly lived her life with passion and joy, treating others as she wanted to be treated: with love, compassion, and respect.