"I Love My Job" Alumni Challenge

Announcing The South Hills School “I Love My Job” Alumni Challenge!

We are always hearing from past graduates about the great jobs they have. We decided to get the entire South Hills alumni family together for a chance to tell the world about their great job, and possibly win some cash or prizes!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Take a picture of yourself in front of your company sign or at your work station.
  2. Download the entry form, either the PDF version [528 KB] or the .docx version [4 MB].
  3. Fill out your information, tell us why you love your job, and sign the media release form.
  4. Email your picture and the completed form to Peggy Reams (COS, 2000) at preams@southhills.edu.

When the contest begins, each day, one entry will be posted on our Facebook page. At the end of the first round, the top 2 candidates receiving the most likes and shares will each be entered into the grand prize Facebook Faceoff round. Most votes garnered by the end of the week Wins!!!!!!

So South Hillers, it’s time to share with everyone why you love your job!


"I Love My Job" Alumni Challenge Entry Example

Name: Christine Sulouff
Program of Study: Administrative Professional
Campus Attended: Lewistown
Year of Graduation: 2012
First Employer: South Hills School of Business & Technology
Current Employer: South Hills School of Business & Technology
Current Job Title: Academic Affairs Officer

Why I love my job: I love knowing that I am a part of making a positive impact on someone's future. Just knowing from firsthand experience how my life has changed by being a South Hills grad and now, here I am helping others like me making their dreams come true, warms my heart. It's never work when you love what you do.