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We are always hearing from past graduates about the great jobs they have. So, we decided to run a contest on Facebook. The following are "I Love My Job" contest winners describing in their own words why they love their jobs.

Find out how a rapidly growing software solutions company found a hiring solution with South Hills trained programmers.

Meet Joe Merilli, managing partner of PS Solutions, a locally based software development company. Hear why he looks to South Hills to help fill his need for trained computer programmers.

South Hills Trained: Engineering, IT, and Software Development

Brandon Hazenstab

Project Manager/Business Analyst, PS Solutions
IT (Software Development & Programming Option)

I love my job for a few reasons. The team that I work with is fantastic. The guys are willing to put in any kind of work. They really don't have any problems with doing as I ask, even when it's a little bit rough. The job is very challenging. It's not something that I come in and do the same thing every single day. It gives me free range to learn new things, to do new things, to work with new people, and it's really giving me a chance to kind of see other places.

Jonathan Svitana

Software Developer, PS Solutions
IT (Software Development & Programming Option)

I love my job because it is a very, very open work environment. We're not micromanaged and we're not like looked down on. Everybody gets along here very well and allows us to work as a group well. It's just a very open environment for everybody.

Tyler Davis

Software Engineer, PS Solutions
IT (Software Development & Programming Option)

I love being able to work from home and just doing something I love every day. I help with solving problems and help to build something that doesn't exist. That and I can make something that somebody needs to help them out. My job allows me to help others and solve problems.

Dylan Gressick

Software Developer, PS Solutions
IT (Software Development & Programming Option)

I love my job because I've seen it grow. When I started there was four or five developers here, and now there's almost 20, maybe 30 in multiple cities now. So just seeing that grow in three years. I'm excited for what the next three and beyond that we're going to look like.

Alan Hazlett

Software Programmer, PS Solutions
IT (Software Development & Programming Option)

I love my job because I can work on various projects using various languages. I also I like to help anyone who needs it. My favorite part about the job is building something that is my own. Whenever somebody is looking for a reason as to why this isn't working; I like to look at it like we need this added. It's like I can use my creative ways to solve problems another way.

Read the stories of the other participants in our inaugural "I Love My Job" contest:

Chelsy Hart

Customer Coordinator, Sales & Accounting Assistant, PennStress
Business Administration–Accounting

I love my job because it provides me opportunities in various areas. In our sales department, I work directly with our commercial and bridge teams as well as our estimator to secure jobs for our company. Being a sociable person and having the opportunity to create working relationships with our customers is great. In our accounting department, creating projects in our system and assisting with the reporting analysis after a project is complete fulfills my enjoyment in working with numbers. Lastly, my creative personality allows me to visit project sites to capture photos to create marketing materials as well as brochure advertisements for our company. This is why I love my job!

Bryanna Metz

Correctional Officer, SCI Rockview
Criminal Justice

I was looking for a career opportunity in a field where I could challenge myself everyday. Corrections affords you the chance to work with people at one of the lowest points in their lives and yet possibly still help them recognize that they can write a new chapter in their unfinished life

Katey Crean

Director of Client Services, Hello Social Co.
Business Administration–Management & Marketing

I love creating personal, yet professional, connections with our clients and community. Just like those shaping each individual’s journey at South Hills, social media audiences love to see people making a difference and forging their own paths to success. I love creating content for my clients that speak to their audience and tell their story.

Alli Fishel

Administrative Coordinator, UPMC Home Healthcare
Medical Office Administration

I LOVE my job for so many reasons! None of my days are exactly the same. I get to work independently doing what I love (creating spreadsheets, running reports, compiling data, etc.), while supporting a variety of departments. I’m involved with so many areas that I’m never bored. My supervisor is absolutely awesome and a pleasure to work for. I’ve been with the same company for almost 12 years, so I also have the benefit of accumulated knowledge and networks. My co-workers like to call me their “guru”, which makes me laugh (I’m a jack of all trades, master of none). I’m so glad I decided to attend South Hills and get my Associate's Degree; it’s provided me with a lifelong career that I adore.

And yes, you read that correctly-I said I love creating spreadsheets. 🙂

Jamie Spicer

Coordinator, Admin Services, University Orthopedics Center and UOC Surgical Services
Health Information Technology

I love my job because the medical field is amazing to me. Back when I started at UOC in 2001 I learned all about the company from starting at the check out desk, check in desk, posting charges, answering phones, working in the clinic to now with my primary duties with the surgical center doing the credentialing and Regulatory Standards for the PA Department of Health, CMS and AAAHC. I assist the Administrator and Director of Nursing in any way I possibly can, and I also assist the Chief Admin officer on the UOC side of the business. I have been able to grow professionally and well as personally. Knowing that our center passed another inspection and that I had a hand in that is one of the most rewarding feelings. It takes a great team, and I am proud to be a small part in that team!

Brandy Barner

Sales & Marketing Assistant, S&A Homes
Business Administration–Management & Marketing

It is always hard to leave a job that you love which is what I did with Talbots. As much as I loved retail, I needed opportunity and more room to grow and learn. When I found S&A Homes was hiring, I thought it would be perfect, not only because of the job but because I live in an S&A built townhome and know their quality when building. Since my time here, I have learned more than I could ever imagine about real estate, the way the building process works, and I even acquired my real estate license to pursue more opportunity in the future. In the end, I’m extremely happy that I made the decision to take the leap into a job/career that I had no experience in. Of course, it was nerve-wracking in the beginning, but you’ll never know what lies ahead until you change your course in life and see for yourself!

Alan Aumiller

Web Developer, PA House Democratic Information Technologies
Software Development & Programming

My job with the PA House Democratic Information Technologies grants me the opportunity to utilize my development and artistic skills to build and maintain websites that benefit citizens all across Pennsylvania. Recently, we began returning to the office, which is located just under the dome in the Capitol building in Harrisburg. Being able to walk into that building and work with like-minded, outstanding people is an incredible experience. I love my job because I am a part of a great team, I am using my skills to do great things, and I am doing it all inside of an architectural masterpiece! Shout out to South Hills for starting me on this amazing journey.

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