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Lewistown Campus
(Closed August 2019)

NOTICE: The Lewistown Campus of South Hills School of Business & Technology closed in August 2019.

South Hills School of Business & Technology was founded in 1970 by S. Paul Mazza Jr. (1930-2013) and his wife, Maralyn J. Mazza. The Lewistown, PA campus of South Hills was opened in 1999 at the request of the Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation (MDIDC). This campus closed in August 2019.

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STATE COLLEGE, PA / LEWISTOWN, PA – South Hills School of Business & Technology announced plans to close its Lewistown Campus at the end of August 2019. The Board of Directors made the decision, citing financial challenges due to changes in demographics and operational costs in recent years.

In a special statement, South Hills president, S. Paul Mazza III, said, “It is with great sadness that we announce our intention to close our Lewistown Campus. We opened the campus nearly 20 years ago in response to a community need for post-secondary education opportunities for the people in Lewistown and surrounding areas. Since its opening, the staff and faculty at our Lewistown Campus have successfully trained and launched hundreds of graduates, many of whom have chosen to stay and contribute to their local communities. We are grateful to have been part of the lives of these graduates and continue to be proud of their accomplishments as they’ve gone on to enter successful careers.”


“The national news has been full of stories that have detailed the ongoing financial challenges and decreased enrollment numbers that are impacting colleges, universities, and other post-secondary schools across the country. South Hills’ Lewistown Campus has seen a similar decline in enrollment that has made the cost of operations unsustainable. We explored an exhaustive list of options to keep the campus open; however, we determined that to continue to grow as a school, we need to focus our resources on program development at our other campus locations. We will continue to have an outreach and recruiting presence in the region and hope to maintain the meaningful partnerships we’ve built over the years. We hope to continue to serve the people and businesses of the region through our campuses in State College and Altoona.”

Mazza added, “During the coming weeks and months, South Hills' top priority is to ensure that our students, prospective students, faculty, and staff members remain at the forefront of all we do throughout this time of transition.”


“We will work closely with the Lewistown Campus students to determine the best way to help them to complete their studies and earn their Specialized Associate Degrees at one of our other locations. We will do everything we can to support a smooth transition. To this end, we plan to provide transportation support to help lessen the financial burden for all students who transfer to another South Hills campus.”

“We will continue to provide career services for our alumni, including job search assistance, access to student transcripts, and continuing education opportunities through our State College and Altoona Campuses.”

“South Hills was founded nearly 50 years ago with a mission of serving the educational needs of Central Pennsylvania. Our motto is Teaching people…changing lives, and we have a strong commitment to providing quality career and technical education well into the future.”

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