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South Hills and SCASD

Articulation Agreement

South Hills School of Business & Technology and the State College Area School District

The purpose of this agreement is to state the relationship between the State College Area School District (SCASD) and the South Hills School of Business & Technology (South Hills) as it pertains to exemption examination credits beginning in the Fall of 2016.

Exemption Testing

It is the purpose of South Hills to challenge our students in each subject area of their educational program. Those students who feel that the depth of the material covered in specific high school courses may be equivalent to beginning level courses at South Hills, may choose to take one or more exemption examinations.

If the student receives the required passing grade for the student’s program of interest on the exemption examination, he/she will be granted exemption credit at South Hills. Exemption credit is non-transferable to other schools, but does count toward fulfilling the graduation requirements of programs at South Hills. Because the student passing the examination will not have to take the exempted course while attending South Hills, he/she will then have the ability to take fewer classes while at school.

The competencies needed to pass the exemption examination will be developed by the faculty of South Hills and shared with the faculty from SCASD. South Hills’ faculty may collaborate with SCASD faculty to coordinate reciprocal course content where appropriate. Examinations may not be taken earlier than the spring of the student’s junior year. Students will make arrangements for testing through the admissions department at South Hills. South Hills will grade the examinations and keep a record of the results on file. If a student enrolls at South Hills and had received a passing grade on the exemption examination, exemption credits will be applied at that time. Exemption examinations will expire after five years and may only be taken one time.

The normal exemption examination fees, which include test development and processing, will be waived for current SCASD students participating in this program.

The courses for which examinations will be offered will be decided by South Hills in cooperation with the staff of the SCASD. As competencies are updated for courses, they will be shared with the faculty of SCASD to ensure students are being taught the skills necessary to meet the standards of the examination.

Exemption Examinations and Passing Grades (subject to change)

Exemption ExaminationPassing GradeCorresponding SCAHS class/s
Medical Terminology77% for DMS program; 70% for all other applicable programsThe Language of Medicine
Cisco Networking70%Cisco 1 and Cisco 2
Accounting I77% for BAA program; 70% for all other applicable programsAdvanced Accounting 2
Introduction to Business70%Marketing Essentials, Sales, and Management. Also recommended: Personal Finance, Economics, and Supply Chain
Applied Algebra83% for DMS and ET programs; 70% for all other applicable programsAlgebra 1
Mathematics for Healthcare Professionals70%College Prep Math classes
Business English I80%College Prep English classes
This articulation agreement may be terminated or amended by either party after a 90-day written notification of the other party.