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South Hills Student Turns Dream into Reality Before Graduating

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Lewistown Sentinel photo by Buffie Boyer
Tabatha Bedlyon’s new shop, Antique and Vintage Finds, is filled to the brim with treasures to decorate your home.

by Joan Andrews
South Hills Public Relations Specialist

LEWISTOWN -- In order to increase her business prowess to become a successful entrepreneur, Lewistown native, Tabatha Bedlyon, decided to first pursue a degree in Business Administration–Management and Marketing (BAMM) at the Lewistown campus of South Hills School of Business & Technology. Though she had been out of school for 20 years and was a busy mom of four children, Tabatha was motivated to learn all she could in order to someday open her own antique shop.

After two years of study and the completion of an internship, Tabatha will graduate in September 2017 with a specialized associate degree in BAMM. Even before she reaches that goal, she sensed the confidence and renewed business savvy to step into her dream and open her store ahead of schedule.

On June 1, 2017, the headline in the business section of the Lewistown Sentinel announced her store’s opening with the caption, “Antique and Vintage Finds opens its door in Burnham. Bedlyon enjoys preserving the past one piece at a time.


“The faculty at South Hills pushed me to a higher level of learning and understanding business than I ever anticipated,” Bedlyon stated, “and the informative classes in accounting and marketing have been foundational for me to confidently open my new business. I could not have done this without my South Hills education. My instructors showed me what it takes behind the scenes to be successful.”

Tabatha’s new antique shop at 316 N. Logan Boulevard in Burnham offers her customers thousands of pieces of collectibles which she purchased during many years of collecting antique and vintage items. Her store is currently stocked with primitive furniture, hand-forged tools, pictures, wooden barrels, crockery, and other vintage household and kitchen items.

Owning her own antique shop has become more than just a business venture for Tabatha. It has been fun for her to open the store, and she loves seeing the rewards of owning a business that she is passionate about.

“Every collectible piece that I have has a significant historical story,” Bedlyon said, “and I enjoy sharing those stories with my customers and the younger generation who is so far removed from that rich period of our country’s history and way of life.” Tabatha is pleased to be doing her part to preserve our American history and culture.


Christine Sulouff, Student Services Assistant at South Hills–Lewistown, commented that Tabatha has been an inspiration to observe as a student, because she immediately implemented what she was learning in all her classes in logical and practical ways. “Tabatha has proven that, with drive and determination, big things can happen. We are very proud of her,” Sulouff said.

For a touch of Americana, stop in to see Tabatha Bedlyon’s Antique and Vintage Finds store at 316 N. Logan Boulevard in Burnham, PA. For business hours, visit her Facebook page or call 717-841-0483.



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