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South Hills Students Focus On Consumer Behaviors

First-year Business Administration–Management & Marketing (BAMM) student, Kya Gresh, and BAMM Program Coordinator/Instructor, Mike Gates

South Hills Community News Release

STATE COLLEGE, PA – As part of a lesson in their Marketing class, first-year Business Administration–Management & Marketing (BAMM) and Information Technology (IT) students at South Hills School of Business & Technology took part in a blind taste test activity. This lesson focused on consumer behaviors and how people were drawn to specific brands.

During the taste test, each of the students was blindfolded and had to sample six different sodas to see if they could correctly guess what they were drinking. After the experiment was over, the influence brands have on consumers was apparent, as many were not able to identify the difference between all of the sodas.

During the taste test, the student tasters were asked to leave the room while the remaining students set up six cups and filled them with Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Ginger-Ale. Once the cups were numbered and filled, the tasters were allowed to come back into the room but had to be blindfolded. Tasters then tried each soda and tried to guess the brand of the sample. Students assumed the test would be easy when, in fact, they weren’t always able to identify the brands correctly.

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