South Hills School of Business & Technology’s Dean’s List – South Hills School of Business & Technology

South Hills School of Business & Technology is pleased to announce the Winter 2018-2019 Dean’s List!

Established in 1979, our Dean’s List is published each term as an acknowledgement of high academic achievement. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled in one of our specialized associate degree programs of study and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better while completing at least 6.0 credits in the term.


Winter 2018-2019 Dean’s List

Student NameProgram of StudyCampus Location
Alexander, ClareMedical AssistantState College
Allison, JoshuaInformation TechnologyAltoona
Anderson, StephanieAdministrative Medical AssistantAltoona
Aurandt, AndrewBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Balestrieri, BriannaBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Barazotto, BrittanyDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Barnhart, AmandaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Bartges, SpencerInformation TechnologyState College
Barton, HayleyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Bassler, AlyssaBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Bechdel, TessBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Becker, ZacharyBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Bem, MichelleBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingAltoona
Bennett, JordanBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Berezenko, SarahAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Bezilla, JarrettInformation TechnologyState College
Bischof, NathanDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Bishop, CassidyMedical AssistantLewistown
Bloom, JacobInformation TechnologyState College
Boggs, MelanieEngineering TechnologyState College
Bowersox, BrandonInformation TechnologyState College
Bowersox, StaciDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Bowman, JenaBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Brackbill, NoahBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Brandt, JerodBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Breneman, SelenaAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Britton, TaylorMedical AssistantAltoona
Brown, AllisonAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Brown, CarsonBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Brown, MaherInformation TechnologyAltoona
Brungard, SierraBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Burke, MacyBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Butterworth, LoganGraphic ArtsState College
Buyanskaya, AnnaDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Buynack, CameronInformation TechnologyAltoona
Campbell, AlexaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Carbaugh, KelliMedical AssistantAltoona
Carles, JosephCriminal JusticeState College
Carlheim, MarisaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Causer, JordanBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Chambliss, CarleyGraphic ArtsState College
Christine, BriceDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Cisney, MadalynBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Claar, KatelynMedical AssistantAltoona
Clark, NathanielEngineering TechnologyState College
Colyer, LeahHealth Information TechnologyState College
Confer, DillonInformation TechnologyState College
Cook, LindseyBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Cowfer, AlexisDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Crater, AudreyInformation TechnologyState College
Crouse, AshleyEngineering TechnologyState College
Davis, TylerInformation TechnologyAltoona
DeArmitt, ShawnInformation TechnologyState College
Deibler, CorrynBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Diehl, CharlesBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Dodge, DarenInformation TechnologyState College
Doerr, BrandonBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Doyle, AustinEngineering TechnologyState College
Edgerton, SandraAdministrative Medical AssistantAltoona
Eichelberger, AndreaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Engle, JenniferAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Etters, NicoleCriminal JusticeState College
Faulconbridge, KelleeDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Fink, KatelynBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Flick, NicoleCriminal JusticeState College
Flick, TrevorBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Foor, LucasDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Frank, CamrynMedical AssistantState College
Furry, WhitleyMedical AssistantAltoona
Gattrell, ClaricaMedical AssistantAltoona
Gerlach, WinterInformation TechnologyAltoona
Gilpin, AndreaDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Gorman, TaylorDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Goss, JaredHealth Information TechnologyState College
Hale, FeleciaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Hall, JoshuaCriminal JusticeState College
Hallman, HannahBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Halvorsen, AliviaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Hand, KyleyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Harvey, DanielleCriminal JusticeState College
Hassett, DanikaBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Hayes, GeneanHealth Information TechnologyState College
Hazenstab, BrandonInformation TechnologyAltoona
Henry, Carla-AnnGraphic ArtsState College
Henry, MakylaBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Hockenberry, JoshuaInformation TechnologyLewistown
Hoffman, PaulaBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Hogan, LesleyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Horning, GarretCriminal JusticeState College
Hosler, BrookeBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Houck, BrittanyCriminal JusticeState College
Houseknecht, TorieBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Hromnak, NathanielDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Huff, JocelynDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Hughes, DestinyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Hutchison, IssacInformation TechnologyState College
Inzerillo, AlexisMedical AssistantLewistown
Ireland, AaronInformation TechnologyState College
Ireland, AliciaHealth Information TechnologyState College
Jackson, WalterBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Jeffries, MorganDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Johnson, PatrickInformation TechnologyState College
Jones, RachelMedical AssistantState College
Jost, FrankBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Jozefik, EmilyBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Kamora, LogynDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Kassoway-Garcia, KaylaCriminal JusticeState College
Kephart, DylanInformation TechnologyState College
Kessler, AustinInformation TechnologyLewistown
Kipp, HaleyBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Kolonina, LidiyaAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Kratzer, JordanHealth Information TechnologyState College
Kuhn, JessicaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Lehman, ZackaryDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Lemmon, JenniferHealth Information TechnologyState College
Lenkevich, KaitlinGraphic ArtsState College
Lewis, KimberlyBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Light, TannerBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Lobb, KassidyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Long, AbigailAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Lucas, AdreannaCriminal JusticeState College
Malloy, KaylaGraphic ArtsState College
Manbeck, GabrielleMedical AssistantLewistown
Matley, TaylorMedical AssistantAltoona
McClellan, EmanuelInformation TechnologyState College
McCloskey, HaleyBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
McKinley, KadyAdministrative ProfessionalState College
McMahon, DonaldInformation TechnologyState College
McNeal, KennedyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
McNeel, BrookeMedical AssistantState College
Mendez, AlexisMedical AssistantLewistown
Meyer, TaddEngineering TechnologyState College
Michelone, CassandraMedical AssistantAltoona
Miller, AzshelleDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Miller, EmilyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Moriarta, MarissaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Moultrie, MarcealInformation TechnologyAltoona
Musselman, McKenzieMedical AssistantAltoona
Musser, ElizabethBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Neff, HannahDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Neff, SaraDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Nekrasov, RomanInformation TechnologyState College
O'Donnell, GregoryCriminal JusticeLewistown
Olivieri, TinaAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Owens, BrandiMedical AssistantLewistown
Pavao, MathewInformation TechnologyState College
Pheasant, RobynDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Piper, EthanInformation TechnologyState College
Pittman, SierraBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Pletcher, JamesCriminal JusticeState College
Plowman, AlexisDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Price, SusanMedical AssistantAltoona
Quirin, KristaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Reed, AndrewEngineering TechnologyState College
Reed, TimothyBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Riddle, JohnCriminal JusticeState College
Rogers, KevinEngineering TechnologyState College
Rugh, KelsieDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Ruhle, TessaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Sadowski, CourtneyDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Sample, TaraCriminal JusticeState College
Schopp, JasonInformation TechnologyAltoona
Shannon, StaceyDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Shepley, ParkerBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Shew, StaceyMedical AssistantLewistown
Shreckengast, JameyAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Slater, EmilyBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Smith, CaitlynDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Smith, RaineBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Snesavage, ShannonDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Spennati, BlakeCriminal JusticeLewistown
Spingola, PaigeDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Spooner, AnneAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Stahl, KeirraDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Stasko, JadeBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Stauffer, AlexandraGraphic ArtsState College
Stein, TylerCriminal JusticeLewistown
Steininger, ValerieHealth Information TechnologyState College
Stevens, CatrinaBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Stevens, JoshuaInformation TechnologyAltoona
Sutliff, DanaeDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Svitana, JonathanInformation TechnologyAltoona
Swyers, GalenInformation TechnologyLewistown
Teenie, ShaniaBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Thomas, ChristineDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Tremmel, ToniBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Tressler, ZoeyHealth Information TechnologyState College
Trunzo, DanielDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Turner, BeckaGraphic ArtsState College
Van Art, AlanInformation TechnologyLewistown
Vandrew II, DanielEngineering TechnologyState College
Vasta, JosephDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Vovchenko, LilianBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Wagner, AleaBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingState College
Wagner, LexiBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Wagner, MackenzieBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Walizer, JasonCriminal JusticeState College
Walker, SherriHealth Information TechnologyState College
Watchey, HannahBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Watchey, MeganDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Weader, MaryssaBusiness Administration - Management and MarketingLewistown
Weakland, KelseyAdministrative Medical AssistantAltoona
Weatherwalk, KayleeCriminal JusticeAltoona
Weaver, KayleeDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Weaver, StevenAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Weicht, CaitlynMedical AssistantAltoona
Weimert, AlexaMedical AssistantAltoona
Wheeler, BrandonCriminal JusticeState College
Williams, KarenAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Williamson, AlishaAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Winters, CourtneyHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Witmer, TrinityDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Witter, MeganDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Woods, NoahInformation TechnologyState College
Yedlosky, JamesCriminal JusticeState College
Zagurskie, KarissaMedical AssistantLewistown

Don’t See Your Name?
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