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South Hills School of Business & Technology is pleased to announce the Summer 2020 Dean’s List!

Established in 1979, our Dean’s List is published each term as an acknowledgement of high academic achievement. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled in one of our specialized associate degree programs of study and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better while completing at least 6.0 credits in the term.


Summer 2020 Dean’s List

Student NameProgram of StudyCampus Location
Abigail RoyerDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Alan AumillerSoftware Development & ProgrammingState College
Alan Van ArtInformation TechnologyState College
Audrey CraterInformation TechnologyState College
Austin DoyleEngineering TechnologyState College
Austin KesslerInformation TechnologyAltoona
Barbara LucasMedical Coding & BillingState College
Brandon HazenstabInformation TechnologyAltoona
Brenda StricklandMedical Coding & BillingState College
Brooke HoslerBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Camryn FrankMedical AssistantState College
Christopher GroceInformation TechnologyState College
Donald McMahonInformation TechnologyState College
Dustin SchrackEngineering TechnologyState College
Ella RpbometteMedical Coding & BillingState College
Frank CarminesMedical Coding & BillingState College
Garrett DemareeSoftware Development & ProgrammingState College
Heather MillerMedical Coding & BillingState College
Issac HutchisonInformation TechnologyState College
Jason SchoppInformation TechnologyAltoona
John HinkledireInformation TechnologyAltoona
Jonathan SvitanaInformation TechnologyAltoona
Joshua HockenberrySoftware Development & ProgrammingState College
Joshua StevensInformation TechnologyAltoona
Kaitlin LenkevichGraphic ArtsState College
Kayla MalloyGraphic ArtsState College
Kevin RogersEngineering TechnologyState College
Kiana Parks DunnBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Kimberly LewisBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingAltoona
Laken CorbinDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Lexi WagnerBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Mackenzie GardnerMedical Coding & BillingState College
Mackenzie WagnerBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingAltoona
Macy BurkeBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingAltoona
Madalyn CisneyBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingAltoona
Mandeep DhillonMedical Coding & BillingState College
Marceal MoultrieInformation TechnologyAltoona
Mark HesserInformation TechnologyState College
Mathew PavaoSoftware Development & ProgrammingState College
Parker ShepleyBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingAltoona
Patrick JohnsonSoftware Development & ProgrammingState College
Paula HoffmanBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Shawn DeArmittInformation TechnologyState College
Shedaisy KingInformation TechnologyAltoona
Sierra BrungardBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Sydney HoltMedical Coding & BillingState College
Tadd MeyerEngineering TechnologyState College
Tanner LightBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Timothy KrowSoftware Development & ProgrammingState College
Traci FowlerMedical Coding & BillingState College
William WeaverInformation TechnologyState College
Winter GerlachInformation TechnologyAltoona
Zachary BeckerBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College

Don’t See Your Name?
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