South Hills School of Business & Technology is pleased to announce the Dean’s List!

Established in 1979, our Dean’s List is published each term as an acknowledgement of high academic achievement. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled in one of our specialized associate degree programs of study and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better while completing at least 6.0 credits in the term.


Summer 2022 Dean’s List

Campus LocationStudent NameProgram of Study
State CollegeBarron, AdamInformation Technology
State CollegeBlackburn, ErinSoftware Development and Programming
AltoonaBowers, BrockInformation Technology
State CollegeConklin, SethInformation Technology
AltoonaDeBernardis, AustinSoftware Development and Programming
AltoonaDiggs, LoriMedical Coding & Billing
AltoonaDobransky, JasonInformation Technology
AltoonaDuclo, TaylorBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeElliott, AnthonyInformation Technology
State CollegeFernandez, MoryelleEngineering Technology
AltoonaFlick, JoshuaInformation Technology
State CollegeFry, CaitlinMedical Coding & Billing
AltoonaGarcia Ortega, JoseBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
AltoonaGarner, AndrewInformation Technology
State CollegeHamer, NicoleMedical Assistant
State CollegeHurlbutt, SamanthaMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeKetcho, SharieMedical Assistant
State CollegeLadrido, AndrewSoftware Development and Programming
AltoonaLykens, WilliamInformation Technology
AltoonaMcMullen, CarolynBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeMorrison, MelissaMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeMullins, MichaelSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeMyers, CarstonInformation Technology
State CollegeOlsen, TylerInformation Technology
State CollegeRipka, KylieMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeSkipper, KateBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeSnejko, MarkInformation Technology
State CollegeSnyder, MarkEngineering Technology
State CollegeSpinelli, RachelBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeSpriggle, MicheleMedical Coding & Billing
AltoonaZungali, JaimeMedical Assistant

Don’t See Your Name?
If your name does not appear on this list and you have reason to believe it should, it may be because you have restricted access to information about yourself in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). To find out if you have a FERPA restriction, please contact our Academic Affairs department at