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South Hills School of Business & Technology is pleased to announce the Summer 2019 Dean’s List!

Established in 1979, our Dean’s List is published each term as an acknowledgement of high academic achievement. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled in one of our specialized associate degree programs of study and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better while completing at least 6.0 credits in the term.


Summer 2019 Dean’s List

Student NameProgram of StudyCampus Location
Allison, JoshuaInformation TechnologyAltoona
Balestrieri, BriannaBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Bartges, SpencerInformation TechnologyState College
Bechdel, TessBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Bennett, JordanBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingLewistown
Berezenko, SarahAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Bloom, Jacob Information TechnologyState College
Boggs, MelanieEngineering TechnologyState College
Brackbill, NoahBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingLewistown
Brandt, JerodBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingAltoona
Brown, ChaseInformation TechnologyLewistown
Brown, MaherInformation TechnologyAltoona
Butterworth, Logan Graphic ArtsState College
Buynack, CameronInformation TechnologyAltoona
Causer, JordanBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Chambliss, CarleyGraphic ArtsState College
Clark, NathanielEngineering TechnologyState College
Confer, DillonInformation TechnologyState College
Crouse, AshleyEngineering TechnologyState College
Davis, TylerInformation TechnologyAltoona
Doherty, BrennanInformation TechnologyState College
Droll, TimothyGraphic ArtsState College
Duman, MatthewInformation TechnologyAltoona
Engle, JenniferAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Fitt, MichaelBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Henry, Carla-AnnGraphic ArtsState College
Hoover, KennethGraphic ArtsState College
Ireland, AaronInformation TechnologyState College
Jost, FrankBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingLewistown
Kipp, HaleyBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingLewistown
Kolonina, Lidiya Administrative ProfessionalState College
Lukens, LarissaGraphic ArtsState College
Mains, DamianInformation TechnologyState College
McCloskey, TravisGraphic ArtsState College
Moses, BryantBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Nekrasov, RomanInformation TechnologyState College
Olivieri, TinaAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Pittman, SierraBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingAltoona
Pluebell, DustinBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Ripka, AndrewInformation TechnologyState College
Shreckengast, JameyAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Slater, EmilyBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingLewistown
Spooner, AnneAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Stasko, JadeBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingState College
Stauffer, AlexandraGraphic ArtsState College
Swyers, GalenInformation TechnologyLewistown
Teenie, ShaniaBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingLewistown
Tremmel, ToniBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingAltoona
Turner, BeckaGraphic ArtsState College
Vandrew II, DanielEngineering TechnologyState College
Weader, MaryssaBusiness Administration-Management & MarketingLewistown
Weaver, StevenAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Williamson , AlishaAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Woods, NoahInformation TechnologyState College

Don’t See Your Name?
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Kari Lynn Schlegel

March 4, 1992—December 15, 2016

Kari Schlegel was born in March 1992 and graduated from South Hills in September 2012.

The Kari Lynn Schlegel Memorial Gallery is named in memory of Kari Schlegel, a lifelong Bellefonte resident and 2012 graduate of the Graphic Arts program at South Hills.

Kari was often the exclamation point in any story about the Class of 2012. Her effervescent good mood, enthusiasm, and seemingly endless supply of optimism and positive spirit was infusive, lighting up the classroom.

Kari (right) is shown with her beloved sister, Mindy.

Her classmates still laugh at the memory of Kari wearing her bunny slippers on the Graphic Arts field trip to New York City. Groan-worthy puns and jokes? Kari had a volume of them. She delighted in sharing stories and photos of her four beloved cats as well as trivia and tales of Harry Potter and Disney World. She was a rare combination of innocence, maturity, trust, and hope. She was filled with a joy of life and an unconditional love for her friends, her family, her pets… and people she just met. That was Kari Schlegel.

Kari dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow for the South Hills “BooFest” Halloween party in 2012.

She loved her school, even coming back to audit several GA classes after graduating. Kari also particularly enjoyed returning to South Hills every summer to perform as part of the Music Picnic Series with the Bellefonte Community Band.

Kari died December 15, 2016, in a tragic automobile accident. It’s a loss everyone who knew her still feels. In the end, Kari truly lived her life with passion and joy, treating others as she wanted to be treated: with love, compassion, and respect.