South Hills School of Business & Technology is pleased to announce the Dean’s List!

Established in 1979, our Dean’s List is published each term as an acknowledgement of high academic achievement. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled in one of our specialized associate degree programs of study and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better while completing at least 6.0 credits in the term.


Fall 2022 Dean’s List

Campus LocationStudent NameProgram of Study
State CollegeAiken, KashiaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeAllison, NathanaelSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeAnskis, MadisonDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeAraway, RachelDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBall, RoseDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBarger, EvanInformation Technology
AltoonaBecker, CodyInformation Technology
AltoonaBecker, MitchellInformation Technology
State CollegeBecker-Imes, CheyannaBusiness Administration - Accounting
State CollegeBender, BriannaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBenner, AmandaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBlair, LoganCriminal Justice
State CollegeBlanco Bello, IsabelaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBogert, TrentDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
AltoonaBowser, SelenaBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeBrittain, GracieDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBrown, MackenzieDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBryan, HannahGraphic Arts
State CollegeBurbage, KelseyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBurchell, AlyssaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeBurchfield, BaileyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeCampbell, EmmaleeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeChestnut, AlyssaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeCiardi, NicciDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
State CollegeCipar, Chloe Engineering Technology
AltoonaClaar, LyndaBusiness Administration - Accounting
State CollegeClark, CassieDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeCondrack, AlexisDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeConfer, JaydenEngineering Technology
State CollegeDanko, JackEngineering Technology
State CollegeDecker, BriannaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeDemas, OliviaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeDidyk, MaciCriminal Justice
AltoonaDiehl, MollyHealth Information Technology
AltoonaDiggs, LoriMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeDorman, MadisonDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeDunmire, CallieGraphic Arts
State CollegeEckenroth, TarrynCriminal Justice
State CollegeEdmands, LucasSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeEsh, KyleeGraphic Arts
State CollegeEveleth, ShaneInformation Technology
AltoonaEverhart, AllisonMedical Assistant
State CollegeFeathers, ToriDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeFisher, KelsieDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeFoster, MayaBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeFoster, TreyCriminal Justice
AltoonaFox, RonBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeFreed, ChloeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeFry, CaitlinMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeFulmer, GageEngineering Technology
State CollegeFultz, BeccaMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeFultz, RyleeBusiness Administration - Accounting
AltoonaGallagher, JoshuaSoftware Development and Programming
AltoonaGarcia, DavidInformation Technology
State CollegeGelman, EvanCriminal Justice
AltoonaGermano, MarcusSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeGilbert, AdisynDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeGilligan, MarykateDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
State CollegeGoncharov, NikitaInformation Technology
State CollegeGoss, KaitlinGraphic Arts
State CollegeGravel, JessicaSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeHagenbuch, JordanDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHamer, NicoleMedical Assistant
State CollegeHanscom, MalorieDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHenley, OliviaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHill, GavinBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeHockenberry, PaigeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHoke, JennaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeHolland, NoahEngineering Technology
State CollegeHouser, MichaelBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeHowe, ToddGraphic Arts
State CollegeHummel, MalcolmSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeHurlbutt, SamanthaMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeJackson, ShandelierBusiness Administration - Accounting
State CollegeJacobs, ReeseDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeJohansen, EthanSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeKeibler, JoshuaInformation Technology
AltoonaKletzing, BenjaminSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeKnepp, AmaraDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeKolonina, MargaretEngineering Technology
State CollegeKraxberger, CaseyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaKrisko, SamuelInformation Technology
AltoonaKukotina, AlinaBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeKurek, HannahDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
State CollegeKustenbauder, KassyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaLacue, AdamSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeLong, SethEngineering Technology
State CollegeLove, CheyenneDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMartin, CharlesBusiness Administration - Accounting
State CollegeMaxwell, AmandaDiagnostic Medical Sonography Sonography Professional
State CollegeMazza, MadisonCriminal Justice
State CollegeMcCalips, DevonCriminal Justice
AltoonaMcMonagle, AlexiMedical Assistant
State CollegeMercaldo, MarlaynaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMerritt, KendraDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMiller, ShaynaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMiller, TarynGraphic Arts
State CollegeMiller, TaylorDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMitchell, MakaylaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeMorrison, MelissaMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeMoyer, CarissaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeNguyen, EricDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional Plus
State CollegeNunez, KeylaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegePadgett, AudreyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegePagonis, VictoriaBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeParks, HarleyGraphic Arts
AltoonaPorts, RobertSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeRadic, HeatherMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeRandolph, EricaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeRice, SunniDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaRicker, EmmaBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeRiling, MadelineBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeRipka, KylieMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeRipka, MadisonDiagnostic Medical Sonography
AltoonaRobison, HalleBusiness Administration - Accounting
AltoonaRodgers, JayleenBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeSeeley, LucasSoftware Development and Programming
AltoonaSekerak, MatthewInformation Technology
State CollegeShaffer, TylerDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeShaw, LaineyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeSimendinger, JesseEngineering Technology
State CollegeSimon, MitchellBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeSine, SavannahDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeSinger, MaraMedical Assistant
AltoonaSmith, QuinnHealth Information Technology
State CollegeSmith, TerryEngineering Technology
State CollegeSmith, TrinityBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeSnyder, HayleyDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeSokalsky, EmilyDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
State CollegeSperling, EthanEngineering Technology
State CollegeSpriggle, MicheleMedical Coding & Billing
State CollegeStahly, WhitneyBusiness Administration - Accounting
AltoonaSteward-Reffner, RobinBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeSurridge, MirandaGraphic Arts
State CollegeSwanger, GarrettSoftware Development and Programming
AltoonaThomas, JulieMedical Assistant
State CollegeThompson, TylerGraphic Arts
AltoonaTipton, RoxanaHealth Information Technology
State CollegeTishchenko, TimothyEngineering Technology
AltoonaToner, AceBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeTorres-Walker, OtonielGraphic Arts
State CollegeTravis, MikalynBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing
State CollegeVadala, LukeBusiness Administration - Accounting
State CollegeVarner, EthanInformation Technology
State CollegeVovchenko, WilliamBusiness Administration - Accounting
State CollegeWagner, JackCriminal Justice
State CollegeWalk, AshleeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeWalk, EmileeDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeWatt, EthanSoftware Development and Programming
State CollegeWinklbauer, CherylDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeWoomer, TaraDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeYerger, LexieDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional
AltoonaYingling, CheyneInformation Technology
State CollegeYingling, RachelMedical Assistant
State CollegeYingling, SamanthaDiagnostic Medical Sonography
State CollegeYoder, AshleyGraphic Arts
State CollegeZeigler, MeganGraphic Arts
State CollegeZimmerman, NatalieBusiness Admin - Management and Marketing

Don’t See Your Name?
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