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South Hills School of Business & Technology is pleased to announce the Winter 2019-2020 Dean’s List!

Established in 1979, our Dean’s List is published each term as an acknowledgement of high academic achievement. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled in one of our specialized associate degree programs of study and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better while completing at least 6.0 credits in the term.


Winter 2019-2020 Dean’s List

Student NameProgram of StudyCampus Location
Anderson, StephanieAdministrative Medical AssistantAltoona
Aumiller, AlanSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Aurandt, AndrewBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Barr, TaylorMedical AssistantAltoona
Bassler, AlyssaBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Bechdel, CarsonGraphic ArtsState College
Bem, MichelleBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Bennett, AlyssaAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Berry, DaltonBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Bianconi, DanessaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Bischof, NathanDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Bishop, CassidyMedical AssistantState College
Black, GavinInformation TechnologyAltoona
Bless, MadelineDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Bowersox, StaciDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Bradley, CaitlynHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Brahosky, KaleighGraphic ArtsState College
Breneman, SelenaAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Brown, AllisonAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Burke, MacyBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Campbell, AlexaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Carbaugh, KelliMedical AssistantAltoona
Carles, JosephCriminal JusticeState College
Castillo, EricaMedical AssistantAltoona
Cisney, MadalynBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Clark, JustinInformation TechnologyState College
Clear, CoraHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Clevenger, JessicaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Colyer, LeahHealth Information TechnologyState College
Corbin, LakenDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Crater, AudreyInformation TechnologyState College
Crawford, RobinAdministrative ProfessionalState College
DeArmitt, ShawnInformation TechnologyState College
Deibler, CorrynBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Demaree, GarrettSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Dippery, MaryMedical AssistantState College
Doerr, BrandonBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Donnelly, ShaneBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Doyle, AustinEngineering TechnologyState College
Duclo, BenjaminInformation TechnologyAltoona
Edgerton, SandraAdministrative Medical AssistantAltoona
Eichelberger, AndreaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Eisenhower, ConnorAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Epple, JosiahInformation TechnologyAltoona
Fabian, JudyHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Fisher, AbigailAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Flick, TrevorBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Flick, NicoleCriminal JusticeState College
Fowler, TraciMedical Coding & BillingState College
Fults, CoreySoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Gattrell, ClaricaMedical AssistantAltoona
Gerlach, WinterInformation TechnologyAltoona
Gorman, TaylorDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Goss, JaredHealth Information TechnologyState College
Goss, ScottInformation TechnologyAltoona
Griffin, JackInformation TechnologyAltoona
Groce, ChristopherInformation TechnologyState College
Guyer, MadisonMedical AssistantAltoona
Haines, RobertBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Hale, FeleciaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Halfen, GraceDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Hallman, HannahBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Hand, KyleyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Hartman, JosephSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Harvey, DanielleCriminal JusticeState College
Haubrick, AutumnMedical AssistantState College
Hayes, GeneanHealth Information TechnologyState College
Hazenstab, BrandonInformation TechnologyAltoona
Henry, MakylaBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Hetzendorf, AbbygailDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Hockenberry, BrittanyMedical AssistantAltoona
Hockenberry, JoshuaSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Hoffman, PaulaBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingState College
Hosler, BrookeBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingState College
Hromnak, NathanielDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Hutchison, IssacInformation TechnologyState College
Imler, LaurenMedical Billing & CodingState College
Ireland, AliciaHealth Information TechnologyState College
Jeffries, ChristieDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Johnson, LindseyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Johnson, PatrickSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Jolly, JacobEngineering TechnologyState College
Kamora, LogynDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Kauffman, ReneeMedical AssistantState College
Kephart, DylanSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Kibler, TammyBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Kinley, DesireeAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Kline, AmandaDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Knable, EthanSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Knisley, MadisonMedical AssistantAltoona
Kolonina, AnnaCriminal JusticeState College
Korinchak, SierraMedical AssistantAltoona
Krow, TimothySoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Kuhlman, HeatherDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Kuhn, JessicaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Langer, DamonBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Lenker, CarissaBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingState College
Lenkevich, KaitlinGraphic ArtsState College
Lewis, KimberlyBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Liegey, DebraBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Long, AbigailAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Lucas, BarbaraMedical Billing & CodingState College
Lucchesi, SalinaDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Maggs, JosephDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Malloy, KaylaGraphic ArtsState College
Manker, KatrinaHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
McMahon, DonaldInformation TechnologyState College
Meyer, TaddEngineering TechnologyState College
Michael, JoshuaSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Michelone, CassandraMedical AssistantAltoona
Miller, GraceBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Miller, EmilyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Moriarta, MarissaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Morningstar, CalebInformation TechnologyAltoona
Moultrie, MarcealInformation TechnologyAltoona
Myers, NoahCriminal JusticeState College
Neff, HannahDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Nguyen, KevinDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Niebauer, JulieBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Nyquist, EvanBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingState College
O'Donnell, GregoryCriminal JusticeState College
Pavao, MathewSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Pheasant, RobynDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Pighetti, ArleneInformation TechnologyState College
Piper, EthanSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Pratt, DarianBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Price, SusanMedical AssistantAltoona
Quirin, KristaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Rayner, CorrinaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Reed, DanielleDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Rodgers, NoahCriminal JusticeState College
Rogers, KevinEngineering TechnologyState College
Royer, AbigailDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Ryder, MaryLouMedical AssistantAltoona
Schrack, DustinEngineering TechnologyState College
Scott, HeatherMedical AssistantAltoona
Sebolt, BrookeCriminal JusticeState College
Shannon, StaceyDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Shepley, ParkerBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Shipley, CandaceAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Smith, RaineBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Smith, JessalynBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Smith, EmilyDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Snook, JoshuaCriminal JusticeState College
Sornson, AnnBusiness Administration - AccountingAltoona
Spinelli, ElainaDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Spingola, PaigeDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Stahl, KeirraDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Stahlman, HarleyBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Stein, TylerCriminal JusticeState College
Stevens, JoshuaInformation TechnologyAltoona
Steward, ToryDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Stitzer, PeytonCriminal JusticeState College
Strayer, GingerHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Streightiff, ErikaAdministrative Medical AssistantAltoona
Strickland, BrendaMedical Coding & BillingState College
Sunderland, JoEngineering TechnologyState College
Svitana, JonathanInformation TechnologyAltoona
Tinker, SamuelInformation TechnologyAltoona
Treaster, SarenaGraphic ArtsState College
Tressler, ZoeyHealth Information TechnologyState College
Tyburski, JosephGraphic ArtsState College
Van Art, AlanInformation TechnologyState College
Wagner, LexiBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingState College
Wagner, MackenzieBusiness Administration - Management & MarketingAltoona
Walk, MelanieHealth Information TechnologyState College
Walker, MalleryEngineering TechnologyState College
Walker, TaylorMedical AssistantAltoona
Watchey, MeganDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Watson, SamuelInformation TechnologyAltoona
Way, VictoriaHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Weakland, KelseyAdministrative Medical AssistantAltoona
Weaver, KayleeDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Weaver, WilliamInformation TechnologyState College
Weicht, CaitlynMedical AssistantAltoona
Weimert, AlexaMedical AssistantAltoona
Weld, JessicaMedical AssistantAltoona
Werner, TaylorDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Weyandt, BethanyMedical AssistantAltoona
Wiggins, RachelDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Witmer, TrinityDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Wolcott, CheyennaDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Yingling, AlexisDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Zhang, FanBusiness Administration - AccountingState College

Don’t See Your Name?
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