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South Hills School of Business & Technology is pleased to announce the Fall 2020 Dean’s List!

Established in 1979, our Dean’s List is published each term as an acknowledgement of high academic achievement. To be eligible for this honor, a student must be enrolled in one of our specialized associate degree programs of study and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better while completing at least 6.0 credits in the term.


Fall 2020 Dean’s List

Student NameProgram of StudyCampus Location
Aiden AltInformation TechnologyAltoona
Amy AmmermanMedical Coding & BillingState College
Ashley AmmermanMedical Coding & BillingState College
Hunter BastardiBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Carson BechdelGraphic ArtsState College
Michelle BemBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Amanda BennerDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Alyssa BennettAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Dalton BerryBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Danessa BianconiDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Gavin BlackInformation TechnologyAltoona
Erin BlackburnSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Molly BosakGraphic ArtsState College
Brock BowersInformation TechnologyAltoona
Selena BowserBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Kaleigh BrahoskyGraphic ArtsState College
Kelsey BrennanDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Brianna BrownDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Alyssa BurchellDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Jill BushMedical Coding & BillingState College
Emmalee CampbellDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Frank CarminesMedical Coding & BillingState College
Erica CastilloMedical AssistantAltoona
Cora ClearHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Nathan ConnacherInformation TechnologyAltoona
Laken CorbinDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Robin CrawfordAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Abigail DaleCriminal JusticeState College
Brook DavisDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Austin DeBernardisInformation TechnologyAltoona
Devin DelormeBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Mandeep DhillonMedical Coding & BillingState College
Mary DipperyMedical AssistantState College
Jason DobranskyInformation TechnologyAltoona
Shane DonnellyBusiness Admin - AccountingAltoona
Benjamin DucloInformation TechnologyAltoona
Taylor DucloBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Eryn DutrowMedical AssistantState College
Joshlynn EckenrothCriminal JusticeState College
Connor EisenhowerAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Anthony ElliottInformation TechnologyState College
Judy FabianHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Joshua FlickInformation TechnologyAltoona
Mya FrancisDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Kristina FrankAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Corey FultsSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Jose Garcia OrtegaBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Adisyn GilbertDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Jessica GordonInformation TechnologyState College
Olivia GormontMedical AssistantState College
Scott GossInformation TechnologyAltoona
Robert HainesBusiness Admin - AccountingState College
Felecia HaleDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Kaycie HallmanDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Emily HamerDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Olivia HenleyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Claudia HenslerDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Abbygail HetzendorfDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Connor HixsonInformation TechnologyAltoona
Anita HohmanMedical Coding & BillingState College
Jenna HokeDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Sydney HoltMedical Coding & BillingState College
Brianna HoviesDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Nathaniel HromnakDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Janessa HuffDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Reese JacobsDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Christie JeffriesDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Tammy JohnsMedical Coding & BillingState College
Lindsey JohnsonDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Jacob JollyEngineering TechnologyState College
Logyn KamoraDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Renee KauffmanMedical AssistantState College
Lasandra KellerDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Evan KimInformation TechnologyState College
Desiree KinleyAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Ethan KnableSoftware Development and ProgrammingState College
Madison KnisleyMedical AssistantAltoona
Heather KuhlmanDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Damon LangerBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Jarred LefevreCriminal JusticeState College
Lindsey LehmanMedical Coding & BillingState College
Carissa LenkerBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingState College
Megan LibbyDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Ann LimegroverMedical Coding & BillingState College
Tory LongDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Salina LucchesiDiagnostic Medical Sonography ProfessionalState College
Joseph MaggsDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Emanuel McClellanGraphic ArtsState College
Carolyn McMullenBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Courtney MichrinaDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Grace MillerBusiness Admin - AccountingState College
Shayna MillerDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Makayla MitchellDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Amy MuckMedical Coding & BillingState College
Michael MullinsInformation TechnologyState College
Kiley NedimyerMedical AssistantAltoona
Julie NiebauerBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Evan NyquistBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingState College
Madison OwensDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Darian PrattBusiness Admin - AccountingAltoona
Krista QuirinDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Erica RandolphDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Brandon RobertsonMedical Coding & BillingState College
Abigail RoyerDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Lanna RummelDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Skyler SchrlauDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Emily SchusterBusiness Administration - AccountingState College
Heather ScottMedical AssistantAltoona
Candace ShipleyAdministrative ProfessionalState College
Kate SkipperBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingState College
Jessalyn SmithBusiness Admin - Management and MarketingAltoona
Kailee SmithMedical AssistantAltoona
Villi SnejkoGraphic ArtsState College
Joshua SnookCriminal JusticeState College
Ann SornsonBusiness Admin - AccountingAltoona
Elaina SpinelliDiagnostic Medical SonographyState College
Harley StahlmanBusiness Admin - AccountingState College
Peyton StitzerCriminal JusticeState College
Shannon StreightiffMedical AssistantAltoona
Jo SunderlandEngineering TechnologyState College
Samuel TinkerInformation TechnologyAltoona
Sarena TreasterGraphic ArtsState College
Taylor WalkerMedical AssistantAltoona
Mallery WalkerEngineering TechnologyState College
Samuel WatsonInformation TechnologyAltoona
Victoria WayHealth Information TechnologyAltoona
Nadia WebbCriminal JusticeState College
Valerie WenrickGraphic ArtsState College
Taylor WernerDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Bethany WeyandtMedical AssistantAltoona
Rachel WigginsDiagnostic Medical Sonography Professional PlusState College
Fan ZhangBusiness Admin - AccountingState College

Don’t See Your Name?
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