Media Contact & Press Kit

This press kit is designed to assist members of the news media with their coverage of our school and its activities.

All media inquiries and requests should be submitted by email to or by phone to 814-234-7755.

Branding Guide

School Name

Please note that in written form, the ampersand (&) is required in South Hills School of Business & Technology. South Hills is an acceptable abbreviation in print, while SHSBT is an acceptable abbreviation on social media.

Social Media

South Hills School of Business & Technology can be found on several social media platforms. #SHSBT is the school's main hashtag.

Official Logos

Blue is our primary color and used most often. Note that the white logo is a transparent PNG file; the dark background has been added to the thumbnail for visibility. Black is only to be used with print materials limited to black and white. Click for hi-res download.


Please refer to the following colors as the framework of the South Hills School of Business & Technology color scheme. Blue is our primary color.


Hex Color Code: #3171B8
CMYK: 83, 54, 0, 0

Solid Coated 7683 C
Solid Uncoated 2728 U

Hex Color Code: #FFFFFF
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Solid Coated 663 C
Solid Uncoated 649 U

Hex Color Code: #DDDDDD
CMYK: 12, 9, 9, 0

Solid Coated Cool Gray 1 C
Solid Uncoated Cool Gray 1 U

Hex Color Code: #282828
CMYK: 71, 65, 64, 68

Solid Coated Neutral Black C
Solid Uncoated Neutral Black U

General Information About the School

South Hills School of Business & Technology is a small, family-owned post-secondary career school accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) with locations in State College and Altoona, Pennsylvania.


Mission Statement

The mission of South Hills School of Business & Technology is to offer qualified individuals the means to start and the encouragement to continue the lifelong growth process through higher education. In addition, South Hills School of Business & Technology has the obligation to create an educational atmosphere that will not only foster the highest standards of excellence in all students but also help those students to develop an awareness of social responsibility and ethical behavior.

How We Got Started

Founders Paul (1930-2013) and Maralyn Mazza created South Hills School of Business & Technology in 1970 when they saw the need for more specialized skills training in central Pennsylvania. Since then, more than 6,000 graduates have earned their specialized associate degrees and gone on to lead successful careers. Paul and Maralyn believed in “Teaching People...Changing Lives” — a timeless ideal that continues to inspire faculty, staff, and students.

Our President and Leadership Team

President of South Hills

S. Paul Mazza III was appointed President of South Hills School of Business & Technology in the fall of 2015. The son of the founders of South Hills, S. Paul Jr. and Maralyn J. Mazza, Paul Mazza III has been actively involved in the school since it was founded in 1970. Maralyn Mazza served as the Director of South Hills until her retirement in 2008. With the passing of her husband in 2013, Maralyn Mazza became the President of South Hills, a position she held for over two years until the appointment of her son.

During his years working at South Hills, Paul Mazza III has worked in many capacities to bring his parents’ vision for the school to life. As teacher, administrator, computer system designer, and curriculum developer, Paul has contributed greatly to the reputation that the school has for sending qualified graduates into the workforce.

As Mr. Mazza said in an interview in November of 2015, “For several decades, the graduates of the South Hills School of Business & Technology have taken positions of responsibility in offices and facilities across central Pennsylvania, often serving as mentors in the internship process for more recent graduates. We are committed to maintaining that connection to our surrounding communities and preparing our graduates with the necessary skills to excel in their chosen careers.”

Read the full biography of S. Paul Mazza III.