33rd Annual
South Hills School of Business & Technology
2022 Summer Music Picnic Series

Back for their 33rd season after a shortened season last year and a canceled 2020 season, the South Hills School of Business & Technology’s annual music picnic concert series is back in full swing for the summer of 2022. The 12 concert series will feature new bands and new picnic options as it continues the tradition of great multi- generational, family friendly, community fun. The first Music Picnic was held in the summer of 1989, just after the South Hills School of Business and Technology moved into their new home on 480 Waupelani Drive on the southwestern edge of the borough of State College. Owners Paul and Maralyn Mazza designed the new property with a large grassy backyard to hold various school events. One of the ideas Paul and Marilyn wanted to re-create for the State College community came from memories from the past growing up and raising a family in State College. The community event that touched them in their earlier years and gave them a warm feeling of community during that time in the mid-50s was community sing-a-longs. A community sing along was the creation of Hum Fishburne and Frank Gallo. These two Penn State professors were great friends and served as chairman of the PSU music department and Director of the PSU glee club and Choral Society respectively. They teamed up to host many community sing-alongs throughout the late 1940s and 1950s at the Schwab Auditorium on the Penn State campus.

Upon completion of their new 25,000 square-foot building in 1989, Paul and Maralyn decided to plan summer events to try to re-create those community, family friendly events that they so fondly remembered from decades before. They decided that their creation would be called a Music Picnic—a free outdoor concert every Sunday evening during the summer where young families and older residents alike could gather, meet, and enjoy the music of local musicians. Thirty three years later, South Hills School continues to treat the community of State College and its surrounding environs to that same cozy, locally flavored event series live each Sunday evening from the Tom Mazza Memorial Band Shell. This year the Music Picnic series will feature a full schedule of 12 bands beginning on Sunday, June 5, through Sunday, August 28. The penny a glass lemonade tradition will continue, but the organizers decided to kick up the snack bar food a notch and have invited food trucks to provide you with new picnic food choices. This summer we will welcome three food trucks including Brazilian Munchies, Rebelz, and Marin Eats. Rita’s Water Ice will also join us for one evening. See you at the concert !!!!