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Student Clubs at South Hills

Each South Hills campus is unique, offering students the chance to participate in various clubs and organizations to help them reach both their personal and academic goals. Students may request membership from their campus Student Services team.

Student Clubs Available to South Hills Students

State College Campus

The mission of the AP Club is to promote the Administrative Professional program and to support and encourage the academic, social, and professional pursuits of the AP students. The club fosters and encourages relationships between students, faculty, and industry professionals to prepare students for internships and a future career in the Administrative Professional field.

All Campuses

Members of the Student Ambassadors service organization represent South Hills on campus, in the community, in the workplace, and at high schools. The primary mission of the Student Ambassador is to show the educational, personal, and professional benefits of being part of the South Hills community. Ambassadors assist with various school events including orientation, career and job fairs, internship luncheons, graduation, and more. Membership is open to all students in all South Hills programs.

CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL (Kiwanis Collegiate Club)
Lewistown Campus

Circle K International (CKI) develops college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service. Members focus on making their campus and community better places in which to live and work. The goals are: to learn the importance of voluntarism and altruism in the world; to discover and develop leadership talents and skills that will be used in a future career and professional position; to apply concepts learned in the classroom to everyday situations when planning/organizing a project or event; to network with professional people in similar fields of interest through interaction with members of the sponsoring Kiwanis Club; to increase opportunities for scholarships for future education; and to increase professional training in areas such as membership recruitment, leadership skills, public relations, and organization through attendance at conventions and conferences.

All Campuses

Club IT (Information Technology) members work with faculty and staff to aid in the progress and development of several technical projects and provide help desk services to non-technically inclined students, staff, and faculty. Club IT offers members the opportunity to build their computer skills and provides them with networking opportunities within the local business community. Members see first-hand the ways in which the skills they are learning apply to the real world and gets them accustomed to working with end-users. Membership is open to students in all South Hills programs.

All Campuses

The C.O.P.S. (Community Outreach and Public Service) Club was formed in 2009. Student members vote on a governing body at the beginning of the school year to help run the club more efficiently. Members get the opportunity to be proactive with community service projects during and after school. They work together as a group to accomplish club goals. Membership is open to students enrolled in the Criminal Justice program who are in good academic standing.

State College Main Campus

The purpose of the ET (Engineering Technology) Club is to give members opportunities to help educate local youth about the engineering field, collaborate with members of other school clubs, and complete projects that will help them build their portfolios. Members will gain resume-worthy, real-world experience by engineering things that can contribute to the school and the community. Membership is open to students in all South Hills programs.

State College Main Campus

The Entrepreneur Club is a network of students who come together to inform, support, and inspire each other to investigate various opportunities in the business community. Some of the benefits include face-to-face contact with community businesses, networking with other students interested in business and/or business ownership, and the opportunity to hear guest speakers from the community talk about a variety of entrepreneurial topics. Membership is open to students in all South Hills programs.

All Campuses

Health Careers Club provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition exclusively for students pursuing health care careers. The Health Careers Club will help plan and organize sponsored events, provide educational opportunities for students enrolled in allied health programs and work with faculty advisors on activities and meetings. Membership is open to students who are enrolled the Administrative Medical Assistant, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Health Information Technology, and Medical Assistant programs.

All Campuses

PBL is an association of students preparing for careers in business-related fields. PBL promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility and develops leadership skills. The members compete in state and national competitions and perform civic duties such as organizing blood drives and promoting school spirit. PBL strives to help students focus on business connections and community connections throughout the school year. Membership is open to students in all South Hills programs.

State College and Altoona Campuses

Student Forum plays an important role in our students’ lives. The group acts as a sounding board for the student body. It was formed in March 1975 as the Student Council, then in 1985 the name was changed to Student Forum. The Forum sponsors cultural, educational, and recreational events throughout the year. Student Forum provides a channel of communication between students and the administration. Membership is open to students in all South Hills programs.

All Campuses

Tutors are current students volunteering their time to help other South Hills students with their academic progress throughout the school year. The student Tutors and the faculty work together assisting current students with their courses. Tutors offer their services in a variety of courses. Students must maintain a B or above in the course(s) for which they tutor.

Lewistown Campus

The Yearbook club offers students a chance to publish a book reflecting their time at South Hills. The club also builds skills in layout and design, editing and proofreading, photography, marketing, advertising, and sales. The club provides current students the opportunity to build friendships within the student body and the community. The yearbook serves as a memorable keepsake and networking tool for future events. Membership is open to students in all South Hills programs.

All Campuses

Our graduates of South Hills love to reconnect! The South Hills Alumni Association was formed for the graduates of South Hills. With nearly 7,000 alumni from all locations, the Alumni Association continues to grow. Join us on social media, and be sure to update your current contact information. It’s a great way to catch up with alumni, students, and faculty. Membership is open to all graduates of South Hills School of Business & Technology. Learn more.

South Hills Student Clubs in the News

February 15, 2019
Members of the C.O.P.S. Club at the Altoona Campus present a donation check to Lisa Hann, Director of Family Services Inc.

South Hills Students Donate to Local Community

The C.O.P.S. Club at South Hills School of Business & Technology's Altoona Campus recently held a fundraiser to help Family Services Inc. as they raise funds for a proposed new homeless shelter in Blair County.
January 25, 2019
This is a photo of Health Careers Club Members and Health Information Technology students, Jordan Krazter and Valerie Steininger

South Hills Students Collect Donations For The Jared Box Project

The Health Careers Club at South Hills School of Business & Technology has been collecting donations for the Jared Box Project, a local nonprofit organization that donates "Jared Boxes" filled with small toys, games, and activities to young patients who are in the hospital.
January 16, 2019
This photo shows Health Careers Club Members with a check for local Lewistown family.

South Hills Students Give Back To Local Community

The Health Careers Club at South Hills School of Business & Technology’s Lewistown Campus recently donated money to different causes as part of its ongoing campaign to give back to the community.
January 14, 2019
Criminal Justice Students handing out blue ribbons on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

South Hills Students Recognize National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

On January 9, 2019, the C.O.P.S Club at South Hills School of Business & Technology’s State College Main Campus helped local police departments mark national Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a national day of observance which was established to recognize how challenging a career in law enforcement can be.
October 24, 2018
Health Careers Club Members outside of the State College Main Campus

Health Careers Club Raises Funds for Local Animal Rescue Organization

The Health Careers Club at South Hills School of Business & Technology recently organized a fundraiser to help support One Dog at a Time, a humane animal rescue group based in Lewistown that has a special program for SCI Rockview inmates that allows them to help train rescued dogs for war veterans with PTSD.
July 12, 2018
Phi Beta Lambda Students at the National Conference

South Hills PBL Members Compete At Nationals

Three members of South Hills School of Business & Technology’s Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) club traveled to Baltimore, Maryland at the end of June to compete at the 2018 PBL National Leadership Conference.