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Testimonials By Program

Administrative Professional

“I chose South Hills because of their excellent reputation and the success of their graduates……… I’ve used everything I learned at South Hills every day in my job. From my computer skills to my communication skills to networking skills to accounting skills…
All of it was relevant……”

~ MacKenzie Huntsman

“I am currently working with the Associate Vice President for Research and Director of the Office for Industry Partnership at Penn State University. I have been at the University coming up on 6 years and during my time I have had the opportunity to explore multiple departments…… I feel I have had the opportunities that I have had because of the education that I have earned through South Hills.”

~ Ashley Kuhn

“I had no clue what I would do after high school, I never thought I would have the capability to further my
education because I wasn’t the greatest student in high school. I attended a career day at South Hill with friends and took the entrance test and things just
happen to fall in place…………”

~ Stacy Beck

Business Administration - Accounting

“I decided to attend South Hills because of the smaller atmosphere .. I think having a smaller teacher/student ratio truly helped me succeed. During my time at South Hills, obstacles turned up as they do, the staff continued to encourage and help me along the way. The South Hills staff and faculty has become family. I have been blessed to have a secure career in my field where I completed my internship. I fully believe the internship part of the curriculum is the best thing South Hills could offer. I am so grateful to call myself a South Hills Alumni and I think South Hills is a great fit for anybody looking to better their career or just getting started. I believe anyone who attends South Hills will be successful.”

~ Whitney Stahly

“….. if it weren’t for my education at South Hills (and Holly), I would never be where I am today. Holly came to our high school business class and introduced me to South Hills and she is why I chose to attend the South Hills Altoona campus…… My internship created a contact in the accounting department at the company I work for and then was hired at the company I am at now by that same supervisor from my internship !!”

~ Chelsy Hart

Business Administration - Management & Marketing

“ The BAMM program allows for diversity in a career path, so it’s a great choice for those that don’t have a specific skill they’re focusing on. South Hills provided a supportive learning environment with dedicated staff and administration. I always felt help was available when needed. Some of the things I found most useful at South Hills were the real work-life scenarios.”

~ Tara Homan

“ I love creating personal, yet professional
connections with our clients and community. Just like those shaping each individual’s journey at South Hills, social media audiences love to see people making a difference and forging their own
paths to success. I love creating content for my clients that speak to their audience and tell their story. That is why I love my job!”

~ Katey Crean

““….I’m extremely happy that I made the decision to take the leap into a job/career that I had no experience in. Of course, it was nerve wracking in the beginning, but you’ll never know what lies ahead until you change your course.”

~ Brandy Barner

Criminal Justice

“ I support South Hills because South Hills supported me. I grew and connected with  a great network of people. From start to finish, South Hills was there for me. South Hills helped me get in the place I needed to be. Now, I am helping people.”

~ Blake Spennati

“ In my role as a Pennsylvania State
Trooper, I recognize the importance of
education. I acquired the skills necessary to succeed in the Criminal Justice field through the South Hills Criminal Justice Program. I strongly recommend this program to anyone…………. So, invest in yourself, and with patience and persistence, you can achieve thing
that others deem impossible”

~ Leo Cleveland

“South Hills is where it all started for me. It was a great experience and I loved the small family like atmosphere. I created friendships that will last a lifetime. South Hills is the reason I am where I am at today. I was hired immediately after graduation at Centre County 911 where I completed my internship.

~ Paige Wertz

“Using the skills from my degree and internship led me to where I am today working with those suffering from mental health disorders, substance abuse, poverty, domestic violence and more. I am able to use my networking skills daily to build relationships with local resources, attorneys, and various government and social service agencies. Each instructor is so diversely experienced in their field, giving you the ability to learn the appropriate tools for career readiness. South Hills brought me lifelong knowledge, friendships, and even my husband!”

~ Shelby Nadolsk

” I was looking for a career opportunity in a field where I could challenge myself everyday. Corrections affords you the chance to work with people at one of the lowest points in their lives and yet possibly still help them recognize that they can write a new chapter in their unfinished life.”

~ Bry Metz

“What surprised me when I came to South Hills most was the faculty and the experience that they all had. There were people from corrections, people from law enforcement, and people who had taught previously at other universities. It was a much broader spectrum in the criminal justice program than I expected it to be. It’s (South Hills) college level curriculum. It is as difficult, if not more difficult in some aspects, than other schools I’ve gone to, because they don’t really branch into the elective classes. Everything we took was for a purpose.”

~ Josh Brown

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

“Ultrasound has taken me to places I never thought I’d go, both literally and figuratively. After graduating from South Hills, I began my career working at a hospital system in Florida for two years before shifting into travel sonography, an opportunity I didn’t even know existed until I joined this program. Working as a travel tech has allowed and encouraged me to pursue my passion for traveling while simultaneously pursuing my passion for my career. The program and teachers at South Hills did an amazing job providing me with the tools and knowledge to become a successful and adaptable sonographer.” 

~Kennedy McNeal

I can’t express how much I love my what I do! I have the amazing opportunity to travel for work. I’ve been to 6 states in the last year and a half, met dozens of amazing people, made lifelong friendships, and learned so much more about sonography. None of this would have happened without my amazing professors at South Hills! From my first anatomy class through my internship, I had amazing educators to help me along the way. I am especially thankful to the DMS faculty for shaping me, and my classmates, into professionals.”

~ Cassidy Brown

“After graduation, the opportunities in the field of sonography have been limitless. South Hills has an outstanding group of sonographers and teachers that are excellent at sharing their knowledge about the field. Thanks to South Hills, I was able to take the skills and knowledge I received and put that forward to help patients and families of all ages! I am forever thankful for the life changing education I received at South Hills!”

~ Megan Tamosaitis

“South Hills was such a great school with curriculum that directly pertained to my career choice. I loved how warm and welcoming all the staff members were when you would walk into the building, and they’d get to know you on a first name basis. The smaller class sizes were a plus as well. I highly recommend South Hills because it is a very friendly school that has classes that are straight to the point when it comes to each program. They prepare you extremely well for your future career. I am so glad I chose South Hills”

~ Lauren Filipowicz (Brown)

“South Hills School of Business & Technology gave us the necessary tools to succeed. With smaller class sizes, the personal experiences between the students and instructors are unmatched. The bar is set high, but everyone there does all that they can to see that you are successful in your career. We would highly recommend South Hills and their program to anyone interested in ultrasound.”

~ Cristy Murray,  Amanda Manville,  
Riley Passerotti 

“South Hills is a wonderful school and I’m grateful for the teachers I had in the DMS program! I learned so much from them because they taught me the foundation of being a great sonographer! I love my career and it all started from them sharing their passion of this wonderful career within their teaching! I recommend South Hills to anyone who asks me where I went to school! From the beginning to the end of my education at South Hills, I was always welcomed with open arms and taught by teachers who were passionate about the career and had first hand experience to share! I am forever honored to be a South Hills Alumni!”

~ Andrea Eichelberger

Engineering Technology

“Before I started at South Hills, I was living paycheck to paycheck working in kitchens 60 hours a week. On the first day, I was greeted by the smiling faces of future new friends and faculty. South Hills was an amazing experience. I cannot recommend enough that people whether starting their post-secondary education or
looking for a new career path, choose South Hills.”

~ Ryan Lunsford

“Although I had many great times at
South Hills from doing construction
site visits, my biggest high points were
finding my true abilities and learning
not to underestimate myself.
My instructors were recognized
professionals in the Engineering
Industry. From working as an Engineer
in the field, to publishing their own
curriculum books, they provided me a
second to none education in
Engineering Technology.”

~ John Snyder

“I found most of my teachers to be very engaging, knowledgeable, and helpful, and the lasting friendships that I have made and the skills learned that gained me my current job are many. South Hills has put together a curriculum in Engineering Technology that builds students into employees that are respected and sought after by businesses. With hard work and a positive attitude, a degree in Engineering Technology from South Hills guarantees success.”

~Andrew Reed

“My education at South Hills set me on a path for an incredibly successful career. I’ve had the privilege to work for The Applied Research Lab, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, and RTdrill. South Hills teaches you everything you need to know about your field of study, and how to interview, prepare a resume, and interact in the workplace. During my time at ARL, South Hill’s grads have always been sought after and are held in high regard.”

~ Andrew Kellerman

Graphic Arts

“Deciding to further my education with South Hills has been one of the best decisions for my career choice. Choosing to attend a  hands-on school that focuses solely on the traits I needed to be successful, really helped me advance in being confident when applying for jobs. Graduating from South Hills set me up for success with having all the skillsets that I needed to step right into a role with the confidence I needed.”
~ Tiara Snare
“At South Hills, the GA program is focused on teaching you real-world skills using engaging scenarios that you may encounter
as a designer. From creating logos to full marketing campaigns it feels as if you’re working with real clients. The best part about South Hills is their wonderful faculty and staff. Everyone is truly dedicated to your success, and for me, they became a second family. If you’re considering a career in graphic design, South Hills is the best place to start your journey.””
~ Tyler Thompson
“Deciding to further my education with South Hills has been one of the best decisions for my career choice. Choosing to attend a hands-on school that focuses solely on the traits I needed to be successful, really helped me advance in being confident when applying for jobs. Graduating from South Hills set me up for success with having all the skillsets that I needed to step right into a role with the confidence I needed.”
~ Otoniel Torres Walker
“Attending South Hills and graduating from the Graphic Arts program was one of the most responsible and best decisions of my life…. I firmly believe that all of my technical and soft skills can be transferred to any job position that I dedicate my time to. The opportunities that I gained from my experience at South Hills allowed me to jump right into the workforce. I highly recommend any South Hills program to any potential students.”
~ Katelynn Luzier
“Coming to South Hills was possibly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was able to turn my passion into a career. The small class sizes make it incredibly easy to interact with your instructors and classmates, and there’s always someone to help when you need it.”
~ Taryn Miller
“When I started at South Hills, I was a stay at home mom with no career outlook. Attending the Graphic Arts program helped me use my creative talent towards a fulfilling career in graphic and web design. I now have a job that I love, and have gained lifelong friends and mentors within my field. The faculty and staff have truly become my second family and I will forever be grateful for the foundation South Hills has provided to me.”
~ Kaitlin Goss

Information Technology

“South Hills gave me the building blocks to develop a good stepping stone to start my career here at GoHost. They provided great information that’s current
to today’s technologies…….If I could describe South Hills in three words, those three words would be fun, educational, and memorable.”
~ Bradley Bell
“I came to South Hills not knowing what I wanted to do with my life but after 2 short years, I earned my degree and now
have a great job that I enjoy.”
~ Colton Calhoun

Medical Assistant

“I chose South Hills, because of the school size. At South Hills, you are a person, not a number. I definitely do feel like everything that was in my classes and program related. All the clinical skills I learned, the medical terminology, and the coding classes, these are still valuable to me now as a medical assistant. I would recommend South Hills to anyone because they make sure you are prepared and ready for a career.”

Software Development and Programming

“My job with PA House DIT grants me the opportunity to utilize my development and artistic skills to build and maintain websites that benefit citizens across Pennsylvania. Shout out to
South Hills  for starting me on this  amazing journey.”
~ Alan Aumiller
“Through South Hills, I learned extensive skills in programming languages that are prominent in the software development field currently. With the help of my professors pushing me to do my best day in and day out to give my best quality of work, I was able to land a full time position at the internship I acquired through the school. South Hills put me in a position to succeed, giving me all necessary information and giving me opportunities to excel in the software development field.”
~ Andrew Ladrido
“The most important thing I learned while at South Hills was the critical skill of teaching yourself. The ability to go beyond what my teacher has taught me and build upon it with new subjects has helped me develop into a self sufficient programmer. One that is capable of solving my own quandaries and staying up to date despite the constant flow of change in my industry.”

~ Kelly Rininger

“ Having actually been to another college before South Hills, the environment is vastly different. The university that I went to was more “Just read the textbook, read two chapters back Thursday.” There’s no one on one connection like South Hills can give you. We were all friends with Guido. The teachers really take the initiative to help you where you struggle, to become invested in you, and they help you grow. Even even after you graduate, they’re willing to invest.”
~ Brandon Hazenstab
When I first started South Hills, I had no background of my current career. I went the South Hills and I learned everything I needed to know and I was able to successfully do what I do now…  I joined South Hills with no background knowledge of computers, information technology, computer programing or anything, and I was able to pick up on everything very easily, and it was very well thought out and taught, and I laughed. 

~ Jonathan Svitana

“The personal reason I will continue to support South Hills is because they have given me all I needed to learn the foundations of Information Technology (Specifically programming languages) and provided me with all the help and resources I needed to find a job in my field. They have and continue to provide all the necessary tools and guidance to allow anyone succeed in their chosen career.”

~ Hunter Remp