Continuing Education

South Hills classes are packed full of valuable, industry vetted information that is designed to get the student ready for a career in their chosen field of study. If you feel like you only need bits and pieces of a full time program, classes can be taken in an a-la-carte manner. You can choose one or two or several classes to help you fill in the skill gaps that you may have in your existing skill set. We allow certificate students to Audit certain classes to glean all of the information that they can from them. It is important to remember several things about taking classes in this way.

1.These are not for credit and you will not be graded. The instructor of the class and South Hills will give you a certificate of attendance upon completion of the class

2. As a Continuing Ed. Student you will not be allowed to take tests or participate as a team member in a group project.

3.The list of classes can be found in the program of study that you are interested in, or in the school catalog(here). Certain classes may not be available to take due to prerequisite or liability limitations.

If you think that this is the route you would like to take just call 814-234-7755 and ask for Jeff. We will sit down and discuss your plan and map out a way to achieve it. Come continue your education with us at South Hills School!