Alternative Loans

South Hills School of Business & Technology (SHSBT) encourages all students and their families to first consider federal student loans, federal/state grants, and scholarship opportunities to help finance your education. SHSBT does participate in the Federal Direct Loan program and encourages students to explore the loan options in this program before pursuing private or alternative loans. Students that need additional funding may consider private and/or alternative loans; however, in doing so, we encourage all borrowers to compare fees, interest rates, repayment terms, and conditions of the loan(s) prior to choosing a private lender.

Below is a list of links to private/alternative lenders. Please note: SHSBT does not endorse any private and/or alternative lender and will not delay the processing of a private or alternative loan of the student’s choosing. Students that have selected a private and or alternative lender will need to contact SHSBT so that we take the necessary steps in certifying your loan.


ELMSelect offers students and parents the ability to compare loans from lenders who are working with South Hills School of Business & Technology to provide alternative sources of funds. This resource includes information about lenders including:

  • PA Forward
  • EdvestinU