Male student working on a computer
What Can You Do with a Specialized Associate’s Degree in Information Technology?
July 25, 2022
Male student working on a computer
What Can You Do with a Specialized Associate’s Degree in Information Technology?
July 25, 2022
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What Is An Associate of Specialized Technology Degree?

Those who are looking for a way to carve out a path for themselves with a tech degree may wish to pursue an associate of Specialized Technology Degree (AST). This educational path provides students with the ability to learn a wide range of hands-on skills that may be applicable to more than one career path. This degree program often provides a specific focus on a career path, with many of the classes taken providing key skills necessary to do that type of work.

If you are looking for a way to get the skills you need quickly without having to spend four years in college, but you want to be in a high-demand job in the State College and Altoona area, South Hills School of Business & Technology can help.

Why Choose an AST Degree Path?

There are numerous reasons to pursue an AST degree. This undergraduate degree program prepares students in multiple ways, but it also offers some core benefits.

It’s fast

Students do not spend a lot of time on courses and skills they do not need for the work they plan to do. Rather, most of the time, students are able to focus on just the skills they need to jump into the field. That often means two years or less than a Bachelor of Science degree. For students who do not want to spend a lot of time in college, this is one path to avoiding that.

It’s a specialized education

These degrees drill down the subject matter that is studied. That means the student is fully prepared to do the work of the job right from Day 1 on the job after they graduate. That typically means students are very valuable to their employers, too.

It’s in demand

Throughout the State College and Altoona areas of Pennsylvania there are companies – from medical providers to large tech firms – that need well-trained and highly specialized professionals. If you complete one of these programs, you’ll be able to dive right in and meet their needs, often having numerous employment opportunities available upon graduation.

Types Of Courses Completed in an AST Degree

You will likely find a variety of options to choose from that interest you. Be particular and be sure you are focusing on areas that you want to work in, as these are hands-on degrees. Here are a few examples of these types of courses and the work you can do by completing a specialized associate degree in them.

Medical Assistant

Those working as medical assistants are highly valuable and in demand within the medical industry. These professionals are a support tool for medical centers and providers, often helping to handle a variety of tasks for providers. They may work to assist in administrative tasks, aid in lab testing, support insurance claims processes, draw blood, administer medications and provide hands-on support for procedures. You can earn an Associate in Specialized Business Degree in Medical Assistant from South Hills School of Business & Technology.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

If you want to play a role in the area’s medical field, consider a medical sonography AST degree. This program can be completed within three years. The Associate in Specialized Technology Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography we offer helps you learn how to provide high-tech ultrasound services in the area’s hospitals and medical centers. You will learn how to use the necessary equipment and record images to help with the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

Information Technology

Information technology is critical to all businesses and organizations today. With the Associate in Specialized Technology Degree in Information Technology, you could be a part of this critical industry. Here, you’ll learn about IT from various perspectives, including cloud computing, protecting networks, managing database systems, and operations systems management. The program even includes a 12-week internship with a local employer.

Graphic Arts

In two years of study through the Associate of Specialized Technology Degree in Graphic Arts, you could be designing digital art for a wide range of area businesses and marketing firms throughout the country. You can complete a program that provides design skill training, publishing topics, marketing, digital photography, web design and understanding the graphic arts industry. You’ll build a portfolio while you learn and complete a 12-week internship at a partner employer in the State College area, including at organizations like Flyland Designs or Centre County Gazette.

These are just some of the program options available to you at South Hills School of Business & Technology. Why not take a closer look at a few other options today?

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What Is An Associate of Specialized Technology Degree?
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