Careers at South Hills

If you want to join an organization that is truly changing peoples’ lives, South Hills School of Business & Technology could be just the place for you. There are many things about South Hills that make it a smart choice for students, but our employees can tell you that it's also a great place to work.

Our faculty and staff enjoy the benefits and advantages of working in a smaller setting that enables them to know each other on a personal level and encourages team building that ultimately enhances the quality of service to our students. The South Hills team works well together and genuinely cares for our students' welfare.

South Hills is full of enthusiastic, passionate, committed people - employees and students alike!

Faculty Openings

Computer Instructor – State College, PA

Date Announced: 01/09/2017
Campus/Location: State College
Full/Part-time: Full-time or Part-time

Description: South Hills School of Business & Technology is seeking a qualified instructor to teach a variety of computer classes to our post-secondary, degree-seeking Information Technology students. for Spring Term.

Course topics to include a subset of: Programming (C#, Modern API); Networking (Cisco Networking ); Operating Systems (UNIX/Linux).

Requirements: Candidate should possess mastery in at least two of the above areas.

Candidate must have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree in a computer/IT field of study, along with a minimum of three (3) years of IT work experience.

Teaching experience is preferred but not necessary.

To Apply: Send cover letter and resume (with evidence of work experience) to David Schaitkin, Director of Education, at:

Staff Openings

Admissions Representative – Altoona, PA

Date Announced: 01/16/2017
Campus/Location: Altoona
Full/Part-time: Full-time

NOTE: Position is immediately available and we are entertaining Altoona-region candidates only. 

Synopsis:     The Admissions Representative must interview, conduct tours and guide potential students for possible enrollment.  Admissions Representatives are expected to meet or exceed the minimum required enrollment; starts, and show rates established for the position.  The admissions representative reports to the Director of Admissions and the Campus Director.

Duty 1:  Telephone Responsibilities:

  1. Answer all inquiry calls from potential students interested in receiving information about the programs, including entrance requirements, curricula and academic standards.
  2. Follow the approved phone script to set the appointment.
  3. Make inquiry calls promptly to all potential students to provide information about the programs, including entrance requirements, curricula and academic standards.
  4. Attempt to make contact with all new leads ASAP by calling 3 times the first day the lead is received; and once a day thereafter until contact is made.
  5. Follow up on all inquiries that fail to schedule or show for an appointment. Call no shows within 15 minutes of missed appointment time.
  6. Make 100+ calls daily when no appointments; 50-100 calls daily when 1 appointment; 30-50 calls when 2 appointments; 20-30 calls daily when 3 appointments

Duty 2:  Interview Prospective Students:

  1. Properly utilize the approved Interview PowerPoint
  2. Greet prospect with a warm opening.
  3. Probe, listen, give good feedback and entice.
  4. Uncover all obstacles and overcome when they surface.
  5. Give outcome-oriented school and career information.
  6. Create value and talk about investment in education.
  7. Ask for the application. If the prospect is not ready to complete the application, set a follow-up appointment for the prospect to do so before they leave. 
  8. Call interviewee 24 hours after the interview to see if they have any questions or concerns. Set enrollment appointment if they applicant has not already enrolled or scheduled their enrollment appointment.

Duty 3:   Conduct Tours of the Facility:

  1. Show prospects the facility and highlight areas of particular interest.
  2. Put the prospect in the classroom “mentally.”
  3. “Trial close” throughout tour and build excitement.

Duty 4:   Enrollment Forms Responsibilities:

  1. Complete Enrollment Agreement.
  2. Complete Application For Admissions.
  3. Complete High School or GED Transcript Request Forms
  4. Complete College Transcript Request Forms - if applicable.
  5. Complete Specific Program Checklist as required.
  6. Complete background check forms, if necessary.
  7. Complete Wonderlic Entrance Exam.
  8. Complete all other necessary admissions paperwork as required.

Duty 5:   Financial Aid Information Responsibilities:

  1. Introduce prospects to Financial Aid Officer so they can provide an estimate.
  2. Assist financial aid officer to ensure that the financial aid package is complete.

Duty 6:   Follow-up Responsibilities: 

  1. Make contact with new enrollees within 48 hours after enrollment.
  2. Contact weekly thereafter to assist with show rate.
  3. Properly document the follow up.

Duty 7:   Enrollment Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a reasonable conversion rate on all types of inquiries and a reasonable enrollment balance among curricula offered by the school.
  2. Enroll students whose academic background and/or tested abilities would indicate an aptitude to successfully complete the chosen curriculum.
  3. Acquire one to three referrals from the enrollee at time of enrollment.
  4. Acquire referrals from the current students, interviews, leads and personally developed sources.
  5. Assist with and attend orientation of new students.
  6. Develop a referral plan for each start.

Duty 8:   Attitude:

  1. Be professional (dress, ethics, follow schedule, etc.).
  2. Assist other admission reps when needed by interviewing and giving applicant tours; be a team player.
  3. Meet weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

Duty 9:   Record Keeping Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a permanent record of all leads received.
  2. Maintain database of all activity from lead to enrollment on a daily basis.

Minimum Qualifications:

Two years of sales/customer service experience in a fast-paced, high-volume environment.  Applicant must have experience with Microsoft applications. Associate degree required.

To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Director Mark Maggs at: