CentreREADY Designation

What does it mean to be CentreREADY?

Centre County school leaders and the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County (CBICC) have collaborated on a new initiative to help build a stronger local workforce. CBICC's Business and Industry Partnership Committee determined that many employers described six core attributes as lacking in the local workforce. The CentreREADY workforce preparedness initiative is designed to address the core and technical skills gap among the workforce, an issue currently faced by employers nationwide.

Why should you earn the CentreREADY designation?

Students who earn the CentreREADY "seal of approval" designation from the CBICC and its educational and community partners will have learned about and demonstrated an understanding of the 21st century workforce skills that local employers find most essential. When local employers see CentreREADY on your résumé, they'll know that you possess the desired level of proficiency in the six core areas.

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What is CentreREADY?

CentreREADY is a workforce preparedness initiative of the CBICC and the county’s public school districts and career/technical training institutions. This voluntary collaborative worker certification program is designed to better match local employers with a quality workforce - future employees that have achieved desired levels of proficiency in the skills employers want and businesses need to be successful. CentreREADY complements the 21st century workforce experiences in school district curriculum offerings.

What does it mean to be CentreREADY?

The designation is the local business community’s seal of approval. When Centre County employers see the CentreREADY designation on job applications or resumes, they will know that the applicant possesses an understanding of and proficiency in the core attributes that businesses find essential in employees.

Why CentreREADY?

One of the biggest challenges currently facing employers across industry sectors is finding employees with the appropriate skill sets. These include core skills, often referred to as “soft” skills. Six such attributes have been specifically identified by Centre County employers as being essential for their employees to possess. The initiative seeks to connect local employers with individuals that are gaining proficiency in these areas, fostering access to a quality workforce.

How does one become CentreREADY?

Your academic advisor can sign you up for CentreREADY. South Hills staff and faculty will monitor and measure proficiency in the six core CentreREADY attributes (see below). CentreREADY certification is available to students entering the workforce upon graduation, as well as to those continuing their education. Contact your academic advisor to discuss CentreREADY measurement in more detail.

The 6 Core Attributes of a CentreREADY Worker

  • Work Ethic
    Ability to be punctual and productive, and to effectively manage time; taking pride in work product and a job well done
  • Tactfulness / Manners
    Ability to treat people with respect, courtesy and consideration, especially in difficult situations; exhibiting emotional maturity
  • Communication (written/verbal/interpersonal)
    Ability to articulate thoughts or ideas clearly, succinctly, effectively, and appropriately
  • Critical Thinking / Problem Solving
    Ability to exercise sound reasoning when analyzing issues, making decisions and overcoming problems as they arise
  • Team Work
    Ability to build relationships with colleagues and customers with diverse viewpoints, apply individual skills toward a common goal, and balance individual needs with the organizational need to perform as a unit
  • Understanding Supervision / World of Work
    Respect for and understanding of the organizational mission; the ‘chain of command’ within the workplace; accepting final decisions made by supervisors

Are you ready to earn your CentreREADY designation?

It's easy to get started! Current students simply need to download, print, and fill out the CentreREADY application, then submit it at the front desk at our Main Campus in State College.

Download the CentreREADY Application Form PDF