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Criminal Justice

Two-Year Associate in Specialized Business (ASB) Degree Program
Available at the State College Main Campus

The Criminal Justice program at South Hills will launch you on a career in the field of justice—from law enforcement to corrections to advocacy. The program is designed to be very hands-on, combining theory with practice and application. The CJ program provides students with an understanding of the criminal justice system and the socio-economic factors that impact the field. As a South Hills Criminal Justice student, you will learn investigative techniques, basic security skills, and the criminal legal process/procedures for the Pennsylvania court system, as well as the basics of criminal and family law. Students even receive training to earn Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training (OCAT - pepper spray) and Practical and Tactical Handcuffing (PATH) certifications.

Our Criminal Justice graduates are working in careers as local and state Law Enforcement Officers and Deputies, Juvenile Justice Center Professionals, Corrections Officers, Private Security Guards, Loss Prevention Managers, and Victim Advocates.


Successful students in this program will be ethical, hard working, willing and eager to learn, and believe in the criminal justice system and the law.

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CJ Program, Student, & Alumni News

South Hills School Of Business & Technology Holds Spring Commencement Ceremony

South Hills School of Business & Technology held its 49th annual commencement ceremony for the graduating class of June 2019 at The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center on Thursday, June 20, 2019.
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South Hills Relies on Local Employers for Help to Prepare Its Students for the Workforce

As part of the effort to keep the curriculum current, each Specialized Associate Degree program at South Hills School of Business & Technology's three campuses has a Program Advisory Committee comprised of local industry professionals. This diverse group of employers, internship site supervisors, and South Hills alumni get together twice yearly to provide feedback and ideas for improvement to the program's learning resources, equipment, facilities, and objectives.
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South Hills Students Tour Cambria County Prison

Students from South Hills School of Business & Technology's Criminal Justice and Medical Assistant specialized associate degree programs visited the Cambria County Prison to see an example of a working environment for those who decide to pursue a career in corrections or within the prison system.
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South Hills Students Observe Denim Day

C.O.P.S. (Community Outreach and Public Service) Club members at South Hills School of Business & Technology handed out information to fellow students and raised money for a local women's shelter on Denim Day as part of efforts to educate the South Hills student body during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
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South Hills Criminal Justice Students Complete Capstone Projects

Before they can begin their internships, students at South Hills School of Business & Technology are required to complete capstone projects which require them to use all of the skills they’ve acquired throughout their studies. Students of the Criminal Justice program are assigned cases to solve and must show how they came to their conclusions.
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South Hills Students Tour Mifflin County Correctional Facility

Criminal Justice students from South Hills School of Business & Technology’s Lewistown Campus recently took an academic field trip to the Mifflin County Correctional Facility where they learned about the security measures that are in place to keep both employees and inmates safe.
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South Hills Students Donate to Local Community

The C.O.P.S. Club at South Hills School of Business & Technology's Altoona Campus recently held a fundraiser to help Family Services Inc. as they raise funds for a proposed new homeless shelter in Blair County.
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South Hills Students Recognize National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

On January 9, 2019, the C.O.P.S Club at South Hills School of Business & Technology’s State College Main Campus helped local police departments mark national Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a national day of observance which was established to recognize how challenging a career in law enforcement can be.
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South Hills Utilizes Local Experts to Prepare Students for the Workplace

To keep the curriculums for its 11 specialized associate degree programs current and relevant to the community's workforce needs, South Hills School of Business & Technology relies on input from Program Advisory Committees that are comprised of local employers, internship site supervisors, and South Hills alumni.
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Behind The Scenes: SCPD Crime Lab Visit

First-year Criminal Justice students at South Hills School of Business & Technology's State College Main Campus recently received a unique hands-on learning experience courtesy of Detective John Aston of the State College Police Department.
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Complete Course List

Criminal Justice Course List

Criminal Justice Course List for 2020-21

TermCourse #Course NameCreditsClock Hours
First TermGE183Business English I460
CJ123Introduction to Criminal Justice560
CJ125Introduction to Law Enforcement4.548
GE181Introduction to Statistics for CJ336
PD110Professional Development224
CJ128Sociology for CJ448
Second TermLE118American Constitutional Law4.548
GE180Applied Psychology336
GE184Business English II460
CD104Career Development I224
CJ122Introduction to Corrections560
CP283Microsoft Office460
Third TermCJ237Criminal Investigations4.560
CJ124Introduction to Criminal Law560
CJ126Introduction to Victimology4.560
GE213Oral Business Communications224
CJ232Terrorism & Homeland Security336
Fourth TermCJ129PA Crimes Code336
CJ224Criminal Evidence336
CJ226Criminal Procedures560
CJ238Forensic Science4.560
CJ127Rehabilitation of the Offender336
GE182Writing for CJ4.560
Fifth TermCD105Career Development II224
CJ233Criminal Justice Capstone Project460
CJ234Criminal Procedures II336
CJ228Drugs, Crime and Criminal Justice336
CJ229Emergency Procedures224
CJ239Private Security224
CJ121Human Rights Issues in Criminal Justice336
CJ230Juvenile Delinquency4.560
Sixth TermCD106Career Preparation0.510
CJ236Criminal Justice Internship11330
CJ235Specialized Certifications for CJ2.536
129.5 Credits1,828 Clock Hours

Careers in Criminal Justice

With two years of hands-on training and strong skillsets, our Criminal Justice graduates are prepared for a variety of career options, including:

Each student completes a summer-long internship before graduation, providing real world experience. We have placed interns at locations including:

South Hills Criminal Justice graduates are well-trained and in demand for their knowledge and work ethics. Some of the many locations employing our graduates include:

Meet the Faculty

Program Advisory Committee

State College Main Campus
Member NameJob TitleCompany
Tina Baronio Loss Prevention Supervisor Kohls Department Store
Josh Brown Corrections Officer SCI Rockview
Dana Droll Assistant Administrator Central Counties Youth Center
Catie Harpster Centre House Case Manager Housing Transitions
Adam Salyards Community Relations & Crime Prevention Specialist State College Police Department
Brandon Wheeler Corrections Officer SCI Benner
Joseph Yedlosky Corrections Officer Centre County Correctional Facility

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